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  1. Yes you can, and the trial is also one month and it is very easy to talk with them about a custom pricing model which totally depends on the stage of your company -> We <- just want to make sure to have a business that doesn't rely on advertising and data selling. At the same time data scientist are very expensive and we try to utilize machine learning and NLP to automate processes to make it scalable for huge consumer facing enterprises.
  2. 4% is just an average, a rule of thumb (from Helpscout) how many percent of a community say something and how many just remain silent (unless you prompt them). stomt is made for any industry. Events, public transportation, youtubers, SaaS services (works for themselves for example) and so on, that is their goal. So consumers learn to give constructive and boiled down feedback such that businesses can easier work with it. While it looks very simple, it can do a lot and is a quite open system. Check out their GitHub or REST API. The value is absolutely clear: They mix simplicity (for the consumer) with hidden complexity (on demand) for the business and allow you to quantify qualified feedback. They make it pretty easy to say “those are the numbers for feature X and we should implement that because X% of the user base wishing for it have been customers for longer than two years and know our software very well.” - you can’t do that with your analytics and you can’t do that with a forum. stomt is a dedicated channel for feedback, no forum replacement. Free is not overpriced, you have to be very large in order to need the premium features. I don’t know wee bit, have you spelled it correctly? Would like to know what you mean. Disclosure: I work for stomt
  3. imho stomt solves different problems: Feedback is collected in-app and can be enriched with meta data (user / system information, labels, error-logs, screenshots). That not only increases playtime but at the same time you will fix bugs much faster Through the simplification you get more feedback. Those who want to have a great discussion still turn to the forums. stomt is not a forum replacement. Those guys from Empires of the Undergrowth use it mixed: https://forum.eutogame.com - It's like this: Currently you only get feedback from 4% of your users, the rest remains quite, means in return that you don't have any relationship with them. stomt helps maintaining more relationships. stomt has tons of features that totally kill it: like filters and a user database so that you segment the feedback after player information (power users, users that churned afterwards, etc.) stomt helps with marketing efforts and cross-platform engagement all in all a huge time saver and you can start using it for free