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  1. PLEASE update with a true blend tool asap, this is embarrassing. Jan Gaare
  2. Hi, Im trying to select all font in one big document, but there is no option for only selecting fonts(text/ curves/figures/images???? why It would same me a lot of time
  3. so without tracing it proves itself to not so usefull, no arrows is not esential, but no tracing, hopeless...
  4. Jan Gaare

    Arrowheads on Lines

    how hard is it to make a line ending as an arrow, come on.... tiny upgrade please
  5. Jan Gaare

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    I also agree to the demand for indesign compability, or else its more or less a hopeless switch for designers. Regards JAN
  6. HI, I would like to know if I can have a free license for publisher when it comes because I just bought Designer to do my book designs. And as I find it, its useless. No bleed control, no text flow for frames, serious, this is not good. So fahr, I have lost money. Regards JAN
  7. I hope there is a way to get a good price for publisher, I probably keep the photo and designer, and get publisher too, easier to understand the plan now, but got a bit disappointed about designer first. In total a better deal then getting enslaved by Adobe :-) Keep up the good work, thank you for such humble response, JAN
  8. Thank you Lee, I did test the trial, but did not use the wanted features, because I expected them to work as they should be essential features for anyone using a design tool. To fix the bleed issue, should be so easy, its just to make the artboard or page the bleed value wider for an extra view setting, view for press or something, small fix. The flow in text boxes the same, super easy to fix, so far that's all, why not just fix it and make a lot of people happy, and get a lot better impression about the affinity brand. Historically , because you call it designer, the connection to micrografx designer and corel designer is there, both softwares was a combo of illustrator and indesign, as we know adobe happily killed macrographics.... sadly
  9. wtf have i bought designer to design my books, and to now know that there is a publisher.... ???? this sucks

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