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  1. frasercameron

    Best file to save as

    Thanks Petar. The native format sounds like a good way to go in Affinity.
  2. frasercameron

    Best file to save as

    Ah, OK. Thanks R C-R. It's starting to make sense. Appreciate the replies! Cheers.
  3. frasercameron

    Best file to save as

    Hi Alfred and Reggie. Thank you both very much for your insight. I have been saving them as TIFF files, so that's good to know. I'm a bit confused about outputting to JPEG for a large print though Alfred. Wouldn't TIFF be a better way to go as the resolution is higher, despite the fact that people would view them from far away? Cheers!
  4. Hello. I am doing large format collages and was wondering what is the best file to use when I'm saving pictures to add later to the collage, for best resolution. Thank you.