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  1. This is an image I processed in AP desktop, I hope to be able to do the same on ipad.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I am on I converted the same two images to dng and tried to open them:- unsucessfully. Now have 2 each of 2 raw images in photos on iPad. Unfortunately, I don't know which are sony raw and which are dng's. Anyhow, I tried opening them again and managed to open one file out of the three, it opened in develop persona and I was able to play about with it. I am not ruling out glitches in the apple beta os, or my method of transferring the images to the iPad. I will need to get my Apple photos on my mac book sorted and buy some cloud space to see if it helps by syncing the library. I do not want to have to rely on internet to get my images though, which is why I am playing about with SSD and this beta OS. Here's hoping.
  3. This is my situation..... iPad 12.9” on iPad OS public beta. Affinity Photo up to date. Sony A7lll Raw files. RAW files air drop from MacBook Pro. the images show as full size raw in iPad photos. When brought into Affinity Photo, they open in photo persona as 360x540 jpeg. I can open them in iPad photo as raw and make adjustments to them, so iPad os can recognise and adjust them. I have iPad set to download and keep originals and ‘optimise iPad storage is not active. Am I missing something that will not let me use my Sony RAW files. Also, when connecting SSD to iPad, I cannot import directly from there either. It seems AP cannot recognise the Sony A7lll raw files. On my desktop version, the files also open in Photo Persona. Any help would be appreciated as I have just upgraded my iPad in order to take advantage of AP on the move.
  4. Thanks Ben, it's a work around but will work, I just thought it would be nice to keep the files in native affinity format.
  5. So there is no way to save the file with layers and adjustments, ie as a master file. There are times when you want to save work in progress but keep it saved along with the original raw file. In my current file system I save all images (raw, work in progress and exported tiff or jpeg) saved to external drive plus back up. If photos cannot at least save the .afphoto file in the library then that is a pretty serious omission. I have ditched Adobe and am retrying apple photos as a replacment for lightroom library. All is good except for this major drawback. Don't know if the fault lies with affinity or apple, I suppose both will deny responsibility.
  6. is it possible to import native Affinity .afphot files into photos on mac. I can preview the image but cannot import. I cannot find any reference in search. Thanks
  7. Will it ever happen? they are in no great rush to implement it by the look of things. This request has been going on for some time now.
  8. I exported an image trace file from Lightburn laser software but it opens a blank in designer. It was set to pass through blending mode, no fill, no colour. I changed to notmal, black fill black stroke but still a white page. ?
  9. dxf for designing laser cut projects and combining with line artwork. To be able to use a single programme to work with svg and dxf would be a great bonus. Currently using Graphic for mac and sketchup.
  10. is there a time frame for dxf support, I notice this topic has been running for the last couple of years. Not really confidence inspiring. I have used the trial version which I loved, but without dxf support it becomes very limiting. Would buy if I knew support was in the pipeline.
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