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  1. MAn this is kicking me in the groin. This is a major issue right now. I have to be able to do this. *sobbing* Is there a way around this right now? My biggest fear, is that this won’t be fixed any time soon, since some other features that are fairly important also didn’t get fixed this most recent patch I know these guys are working hard, and what a great work it is! I’m very thankful. thanks
  2. Hopefully having 2 different bugs in the same forum is ok. If not i can recreate 2... anyway, there is still a bug where, if you place the origin point of an object somewhere, and then use the rotation tool inside of the transformation window, it doesn’t rotate correctly. the other one that I hoped would be fixed for this new release, was that in 300 dpi files, you cannot create a 1-inch grid. Still I do appreciate updates! I haven’t played around too much with the new stuff, but am excited to try!
  3. Thanks, Stokerg! I appreciate you trying to trouble shoot for me! Would you be willing to move it over to the feature request forum when you have time? Thanks again!
  4. Hey all! I’m trying to learn this program by copying existing Logos (i thought it would be a good exercise!) i chose to tackle the Toyota one, as it looked sorta simple at first. i’ve attached my working file as well as a jpg, with circles on my current problem Now i know this is pretty rough, and I haven’t figured out all my shapes very well, BUT i can’t figure out why the 3D FX is rounding the corner of the bevel instead of keeping it sharp! anything i’m missing?! Thanks very much! Untitled.afdesign
  5. Man I just lost a project i was working on. Huuuuge bummer. I double tapped an SVG that i had imported. I was trying to figure out how to cut out a natively created shape from the imported SVG shape, and the program crashed. I reopened it, and it says that the document cannot be loaded. I can’t duplicate it either. I’m scared to get in to another logo design. Luckily i wasn’t SUPER far into it, but i had a symbol that i made that is gone now. Set me back a couple of hours probably.
  6. Hello! I’ve found that when i try and rotate an object around a rotation point (not an anchor point) that it ignores the rotation point. here is my process draw a perfect circle draw a triangle or other shape exactly above and centered with the circle selection tool the triangle above the circle Select and drag the rotation point found in the middle of the triangle down and into the very center of the circle (it snaps to the center point of the circle) enter the transform studio in the “rotation” box, I type for example, 360/6 at this point, the
  7. Thanks for your help everyone! In frustration i wildly double tapped the SVG and figured it out via tantrum, HAH! i didn’t get an alert about your responses, so i do apologize for the delay in my gratitude! V_Kyr - I will check that out ASAP! Thanks for letting me know about that!
  8. Ok I searched the forums for “svg’ and points”. I’m not really sure what else to search, so I apologize if this was already covered. This is for the iPad :) I drew a black and white image in Procreate, and saved it with no background as a png. Used vectorizer online, to convert it to an svg. i placed the svg into affinity designer im not sure how to edit the points. Or am I totally missing the boat and trying to do the impossible? Boy, this seems like this topic has probably been covered before...I really did look, haha. Thanks everyone!
  9. Hey, I saw a request for this feature last year, and haven’t seen any discussion on it. I’m designing a book cover, and need to put in guides. I’m not seeing a ruler option. Why doesn’t this have a ruler? Isn’t that kind of important in any design or photo software that supports print-ready projects? am I just missing the option? just downloaded the app, and this was the first thing I tried to do. I’m excited to get to know the app more. can I have a ruler, please? Haha
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