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  1. I realised that perhaps my attached example is a bit complex (for me anyway) so I thought I had better make sure that I could replicate this issue. I created a single ellipse. I turned that into a symbol. I then duplicated the symbol so that I now had another copy. I went back to the symbol and added another ellipse which overlaps the first ellipse. I selected both ellipses and held down the alt key while clicking the subtract button so that a compound was created. While I was editing the symbol I could see the other instance updating instantly, but as soon as I c
  2. Hi Peeps I wasn't sure if I needed to raise a new post about this, but having searched the forum for "symbol with compound" this topic was at the top and I thought my problem is similar, albeit on a different platform. I use Windows 10, latest build. I am creating a "knob stack" in order to create an animated knob within some music software I am creating a theme for. Having done some research and watching some of the tutorials I found two particular features of interest. Creating a symbol is great because I can flesh out an idea for my knob stack, render that, and try
  3. Thanks Alfred Yeah, JWildfire is good but I then found Chaotica and I find that easier to use. Well worth checking out if you want to experiment with flame fractals. cheers andy
  4. Hiya I'm new here (just posted a large rambling reply in the introductions topic). As I said in that thread, I just do abstract stuff... I ain't a real artist Here is an early experimentations with patterns:- And this next one is something I have done for my music project. It consists of a logo which I originally created in AutoCAD and the middle background is a flame fractal that I created in JWildfire:- cheers andy
  5. Hi, I am new here and my name is andy. My forum moniker is the name of my "music project" (best if we don't go there...) I suddenly found myself "messing around" with Affinity Designer. I am not a graphic artist, by any stretch of the imagination, but I have always been interested in creating stuff with computers. My "hands on" art skills are pretty much non-existent. I did art at school, like most people, and I wasn't very good at sketching and painting. Everything I ever did just turned into something rather abstract. Still life and landscape scenes were never going t
  6. I am currently using Inkscape to create SVG files from AutoCAD DXF files. I use AutoCAD in my day job and I am therefore more comfortable with it for producing certain types of paths. Is it safe to say that, since this thread has been going for a couple of years now, that DXF import is not on the agenda at the moment, which is a shame, because I like what Affinity Designer can do, but I need DXF import and therefore I will have to wait for this to be added. cheers andy
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