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  1. Thank you Alfred. I'm happy to have found the forum. Have a good weekend!
  2. Fantastic Alfred! It worked! Whew. Sorry about mistaking the thread. I'm new to this. I'll be more watchful here-to-come. Best,
  3. Hi DM1, Thank you for your response and taking the time to help. I may not understand 'clipping,' but I tried, the best I understood it, the instructions you'd provided above for Viktor. Attached is a screenshot of the image I'm working on: foundation layer, Sleeve-Right, Sleeve-Left and the 'levels' adjust layer above the 'Sleeve-Left.' When I slide the 'Black Level' slider to the right, the whole image darkens, where I only want the Sleeve-Left layer to be affected. I look forward to your response. Best,
  4. Hello, I'm having the same frustration I believe Victor has had. I followed the guidance offered by DM1 and still get the bottom layer 'adjusting' as I try to affect the top layer. I'm trying to replace a section of a person's sleeve, and need to carefully adjust the top layer (sleeve section) to blend with the bottom layer image. as I use any adjustment method on the top layer, the bottom layer, to my dismay, shifts also. I need the bottom layer to stay set and unaltered! Any other suggestions than the one above? Thank you for your time and attention!

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