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  1. Viktor Beekman

    Export to psd

    Hi, When I export to a psd file the information in my fill layer masks is not recognized by Photoshop, so all work is kinda useless. I've tried exporting with 'preserve accuracy' and 'editability', but doesn't make a difference. Also, the drop menu's under Layer Effects (or any other) don't work. When I click them I automatically exit the Export area. Any ideas? Thanks! Viktor
  2. Hi, It seems impossible to have an adjustment layer affect ONLY one fill layer on the iPad version. It’s driving me nuts! Dragging on top of the layer, grouping, anything; nothing works. Yes, I am new to Affinity Photo, but so far I’m not able to speed up my workflow and choose it over good old Photoshop, sorry. But I really want to! Help me out? Thanks!