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  1. There are two text frames; an upper one, across the top, that is supposed to have the header only, and a much larger one below it, for body text. The problem is that the header text is doubled so it appears below the header, and oversets, and does not have to be in the header text frame. Or in any text frame, for that matter, it just oversets whatever is there. I can change the leading between the "real" header text and it's shadow text, moving it up and down to my heart's content relative to the upper, real text, but I can't get rid of the shadow text entirely. If I expand the upper text frame, the one for the header, the shadow text is still there but I cannot manipulate or delete it, it's not part of that text frame. It appears to overwrite everything. Likewise, shrinking the upper text frame doesn't make it go away, nor does moving the lower text frame. In fact, on a page with only the header text frame, I still have the shadow text, outside of the text frame. The header is invoked as a section title; if I just enter it manually, I don't get the shadow. That is, just typing something in to the header is not a problem. It's only when I use <section title> in the master page header that I have a problem, so pretty clearly that's the root of it. Now why, and what to do with it, is another question.
  2. Good idea. Hmmm... Nothing. Actually, the overset isn't in a frame at all. I can expand the frame of the header, nothing there except the text that's supposed to be. The overset vertical position does change if I change "align to base grid" in the style for the headers, so somehow it is indeed part of the header, just doubling up. One curiosity, though; it, the program, crashes as soon as I try to change the alignment of the headers, including the running header/overset text, to "away from spine." Must be a new feature. Any other thoughts?
  3. where are ... is the section title, picked up with the appropriate placemarker <section title> on a master page. The other text is the book text. The problem is the overset text, duplicating the section title. If i delete the marker, they both go away. ?
  4. I am getting a duplicate insertion just below the "real" one. Tried backing up and starting over, no go. The duplicate is an exact copy, when I delete the "real" one that I want, the duplicate goes away, too. ???
  5. I have quite a few books done originally in InDesign, saved in IDML format. QuarkXpress can read, mostly, IDML files, but Quark can be annoying. Are there any plans to incorporate IDML import or export? This would be really handy for me.
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