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  1. Hi everyone, The Delete key on a physical keyboard doesn’t work with iPad Pro to delete whatever you have selected. I noticed when I try to change pen stroke thickness and hit Delete it comes out as (null). Does the Delete Key not register on Affinity Designer or am I doing something wrong? Thanks
  2. Hey trying to determine efficient workflow and maximizing capabilities. I have had Affinity Photo and Designer for MacOS for quite some time. Just got an iPad Pro. 1) Is there any reason to actually get the iPad Pro App when I can just use Apple Sidecar Affinity Photo or Designer? 2) Does the iPad Pro App have the same hot keys as Desktop version if I have a Bluetooth keyboard to my iPad? Like Hold Shift to scale uniformly?
  3. Attached is my Artboard Transform Screen. Why should the X and Y matter when it is just the dimensions I'm worried about.
  4. I need exactly a 2:1 ratio. I have an artboard set to 2000px by 1000px. Place my vector image in this artboard to export as PNG. When I am on the Export screen for PNG, it changes to 2001px by 1000px. ?? So I change the dimensions in export window back to 2000px by 1000px. I export and it comes out as 2000px by 999px?? Why can't Affinity Designer export things in exact dimensions. I made sure nothing was surrounding the Artboard that would effect dimensions.
  5. I don't have the original image anymore, but what would cause an unclean cut? I use to Smooth, but it still gave a clean cut. The only thing I can think of it feathering, but that is off.
  6. I have been using Affinity Photo for quite some time. I have never encountered this problem, but for some reason when I select something Cut (Command + X) and Paste (Command + V), I don't get a hard clean cut, there is this white line around my selection that tends to blink in and off depending on how I zoom in. I thought, maybe it won't show up when I export it. It unfortunately does show up when I export.. I did no selection refining, so it should be a clean cut..
  7. Example: Pantone 7733C shows hex value of #006A3A https://www.pantone.com/color-finder/7733-C I plug the 7733C Pantone color in Affinity Designer and get different hex values Pantone Color Bridge Coated: #007346 Pantone Formula Guide Coated: #007041 Can anyone explain?
  8. In the past I required character spacing for a font to be at 200%. Unfortunately every time I use the font now, the character spacing defaults to 200%. Is there anyway to change this?
  9. Pretty much what I am doing. Very inefficient though. But doesn’t work on curves...
  10. Dying for this feature, will have to move to Illustrator for the time being unfortunately...Hate paying $20/month. My Sewing Pattern Request Thread:
  11. Hey got a request to speed up pattern making with these functionalities seen in Adobe Illustrator Video is long, but here are the functionalities that would speed up workflow. 1) 3:52 When a line is selected you can press "Return" and the Move menu Pops Up with fields already highlighted so you can tab through and enter your desired measurement. What I am doing now: clicking on the fields in the Transform field is very inefficient. I believe CAD programs also have this functionality 2) 5:13 Quick Dimensioning with new shapes. When a new shape is made, you can quickly enter dimension of the new shape with a pop up screen. Much better than clicking the Transform box. 3) 9:32 Offset Path (something I already mentioned in different thread), but this pop up offset path is significantly faster than the Affinity workaround. 4) 17:41 Scissor Tool (Cutting Lines of a Closed Shape) - Right nowI have been selecting the node breaking the curve and then deleting the node. The scissor tool in adobe does not require doing all this. 4) 18:08 Measuring Path of Curved Line (Document Info) I know there are workarounds, but they are just too slow and inefficient. Thanks
  12. I just tried both, it seems that I like to choose Command and Drag because I can also hold down Shift to keep that duplicated object aligned to the original one. Alt and Drag Disables Snapping
  13. With the latest Mac Update, it seems that I am having a lot of trouble adjusting to the Cloning Hot Key (Command + Drag) that seems so different now. I use to do it with ease, but now what happens is that I end up just dragging the original to the location where I want to clone. Anyone else?
  14. Oh ok, that is pretty much what I have been doing. Though there was much more efficient way. Or set everything same width. Draw separate line that measures the distance I want and drag the the one side of the outer rectangle so is is appropriate distance by aligning with that line I made.
  15. Yeah, still tons of value for the price. What I mean is different gaps between only only two strokes. Say I have a rectangle. I want one side to be .25”, one side to have a .5” gap, and the other to have a 5/8”. For the distance between the two strokes. It is all based on single stroke width, so it is not possible at the moment. Not sure if Adobe has it, never used their Illustrator.
  16. Wow, thanks. I guess I am still out of luck for having different lengths (seam allowances) on each side correct since it is all based on single stroke thickness. The node, cap, align for stroke can be buggy at times as well. Had to restart.
  17. This is the workaround: So pretty much, you make a stroke of the width that you actually want between the two lines. Then you expand the stroke. Hit reverse so the stroke color and fill in are flipped. Now you got two lines that are separated by the width of your initial stroke. It seems you can't change it so the seam allowance line is dotted only while maintaining solid line are outer line. Also I require different width on the sides.
  18. Desperately need it for sewing grading patterns. I have tried the workarounds, but it just doesn't work out the way I want it with complex sewing patterns for seam allowances. I want to stay with Affinity so bad though.
  19. I have the same needs as firstdefence, although I don't understand your instructions. Is Offset Tool in development? EDIT: Nevermind found this thread: I am all good!
  20. For Affinity Designer, when an object is selected with the Move Tool, is there a hot key to: 1) Change X and Y coordinates from current location? 2) Resize dimensions without moving my mouse to put my cursor to type in dimensions (width and height)? 3) Or when Rectangle or Circle Tool is selected, to hotkey dimensions in Aka adding a pop up for coordinates and dimensions when this hotkey is pressed, and then another hot key to close that window. Thank You!
  21. So I ended up trying Iconmoon, worked right away. Nothing was wrong with my icons at all. It was just Fontastic. Thanks again
  22. Ok Thanks! I did try that, but still Fontastic does not accept it? I will upload the new file. I exported the SVG as "Selection without background". The only thing that is checked on the export is "Set viewBox" Titanium.svg
  23. I know this thread is from last year, but I can't seem to get my Icon Font to register on Fontastic. I have expanded the strokes already. What do you mean by flatten al vector layers/elements? My icon is on a single artboard. Titanium.svg
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