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  1. eversleeping

    Linux. Seriously now.

    I would definitely buy a linux version. And there are some programs finally coming out on that OS, like Bitwig as DAW or Photomatix for HDR.
  2. eversleeping

    [Photo] Merge visible bug?

    So what is the solution for me, when I just want to export a file that "looks" the same? The pixel-data being the same is good, but all that matters to customers is the optics and that differs. Do I have to set the document size beforehand?
  3. eversleeping

    [Photo] Merge visible bug?

    I did not save the file, since I was just playing around. But i was able to recreate the described behaviour. Upload complete
  4. I was trying to follow a youtube tutorial on how to create a pencil draswing style. So I opened a picture (in my case it was a black/white image from start). I copied the background layer. Changes to the copy: - Changed the mode to color dodge - Added Live Filter Gaussian blur Then I changed the levels to emphasize black until I liked the looks. Until now everything looks perfectly fine. For some further adjustments I now used "merge visible". The resulting layer does NOT look like what I have seen previously. It is not only an adjusment missing, but everything looks brighter. I have tried exporting the image: The export looks the same as "merge visible". Example: T1 is the screenshot of what I see before merging or exporting T2 is what i get after merging or exporting T3 just shows my layer-structure

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