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  1. desunk

    Microsoft Windows Developer Awards 2018

    Voted! Waiting for publisher;-)
  2. desunk

    Ctrl+C freeze

    I'm using AD about a week. I can't trace the dependence. Sometimes everything works fine, sometimes I need to wait 2-5 minutes after ctrl+c. Yesterday I made poster and flyer. I made poster and copied the contents into the new document. Ctrl+C and 5 minutes of waiting. But today everything works fine.
  3. desunk

    Ctrl+C freeze

    AD freezes when I copy big raster image or complex vector object. When I copy this object from Illustrator and paste it to AD everithing works fast and fine. When I copy it in one window of AD and want to paste in another window, I will wait about 1-2 minutes before pasting. Windows 10, AD i7-4790k Ram-16Gb Geforce GTX 750 2gb
  4. Thank you! I'll wait! Today i need to pay 28$ for Ps & Il for next month(((
  5. How can I try Affinity Designer & Photo on windows? I want to migrate from adobe cc, but i need to try it first... Do you have some demo version or something same?