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    Shorouk reacted to Wikinger in Updates fees ??   
    Il semblerait que beaucoup de concepteurs fonctionnent ainsi.
    Les mises à jour gratuites et les mises à jour majeures payantes, avec remise pour les clients ayant déjà une licence.
    La politique de Serif est très honnête.
    pour exemple, DxO propose sa version Lab à 129 € en version Essentiel, et 199 € en version Elte. (Je trouve que c'est cher).
    Cependant, les clients possèdent une licence, obtiennent la version Elite pour 69 € 
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    Shorouk reacted to MEB in Updates fees ??   
    Hi Shorouk,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums
    Minor point updates are free (1.7, 1.8 etc). Major upgrades are paid (2.0, 3.0 etc).
    The price/update for v2.0 was not defined yet. We are still far away from it. For referenceswe launched Affinity Designer in July 2014 and are currently in version 1.6.
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    Shorouk reacted to Grazie in Updates fees ??   
    “Forever” is a long time in business. And is even longer in the ephemeral, quixotic and transitory world of software development. But, there again, SERIF have been bold enough to shake up the arthritic lumbering and waddling juggernauts of the existing Editors which has forced hands to rethink subscription-based purchases and recognised a burgeoning need to provide a more “street” price.
    From my experience, any company of anything will charge what it wants, when it wants and how it wants. The only intelligent response to your questions will come from SERIF themselves. And as this information is so fundamentally crucial to their own business health, I wouldn’t wait for a reply from them. But they have blown apart the subscription model.
    And again, in my experience, the s/w houses I have done and do deal with try and determine that a new release if big enough of a leap forward to demand an increase in price will do. However, not all play by these “rules” .
    Oh yeah, keep asking your questions, as this genie ain’t going back in the bottle any time soon.
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