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  1. Ah. I was trying to import to the Library. Importing via the Macro panel worked. thanks.
  2. Thanks for the guidance. I deleted my changed file and re-downloaded the .afmacro file, but I am still unable to have AP recognize the file. :-(
  3. Hello John, I downloaded your file on Saturday and was unable to import it (the file was not highlighted as a format recognized by AP in the Finder selections -- Mac/Desktop). This morning, I changed the extension from "afmacro" to "afmacros" which allowed AP to recognize the file, but it returned an Unexpected Macros Format error message. I will attempt more trouble-shooting as I am able as I am certain that your macro will deliver a better result than my kludge. thanks.
  4. Thanks for the link. Here's a rough draft of what I am trying to create.
  5. I am attempting to "wrap" an image around another image of a pint glass. Is there a tutorial or other guidance on how to achieve the effect? I've spent some time playing with the different perspective effect filters without success. tia.
  6. That did it. Thanks for the tip. As a long-time PS user, there's a bit of a learning curve for AP -- but I'm getting there.
  7. Hello, Is there a way to hide the macro library panel on the left side of the screen? I could use the real estate. thanks
  8. iMac using High Sierra with a Canon 9000F Mark II on my 10-day trial of Affinity Photo. I am pleased to see that AP recognizes my scanner. However, I would like to be able to designate a larger output scan size of my 35mm negatives/slides. It appears as though the default output size is the same as the 35mm frame. Using Vuescan, I typically scan the image at 10" x 300dpi. Is there a similar adjustment available for AP? I would prefer to start with more data rather than sample up during the export. Thanks.