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  1. Me too - and I'd second the idea that there should ideally be a powerful keyboard shortcut editor where all commands are shown and can be assigned shortcuts as desired.
  2. One (simple?) thing I'd love to see is the ability to create a shape (rectangle, circle etc) with specified dimensions. In Illustrator, you can click with the appropriate tool and it then asks for a width/height or radius and creates it at the spot you clicked. To do the same in Designer, you have to drag out a shape and then edit its dimensions in the Transform panel which means more steps.
  3. I'm moving over from Illustrator (so far so good) but I'm having issues working with moving/scaling masks and their content. I can create a mask, resize and reposition the mask over the fixed content, but I'd also like the ability to resize/reposition the content without affecting the mask. It would be the same as pasting the object into the mask shape (allowing easy repositioning/scaling of the content) - but with paste inside, you can't easily edit the "mask" shape without affecting the content as well. I work with photos and want to mask out portions but still be able to move/scale the photo and also the mask. In Illustrator, you just click on the object and then can choose to edit the contents or the mask path, and I'm looking for something similar. Am I missing something, or is this not possible in Designer (without releasing the mask, changing content and then reapplying the mask which is a pain and makes it harder to do right as the mask shape blocks the content below)?
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