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  1. Try to Ctrl + drag the red-heart object in my uploaded file or unpin it. test.afpub
  2. This bug was fixed in, thanks!
  3. For example. Draw a rectangle. Then press Ctrl + J. Then enter R = 30 degree in the Transform panel. Then press Ctrl + J again. The new duplicated rectangle doesn't rotate 30 degree but 60 degree instead.
  4. Layer name showing Unicode number instead of Chinese characters. The status bar also showing Unicode number.
  5. Thanks for your quick reply. I wish it is a bug though. Using text frame fill color is much more flexible when the text frame's size is varied later on. I put a rectangle shape below the text frame and group them together. It seems work as expected. As I resize the group's frame. Both the text frame and the rectangle are resized accordingly. That is great !
  6. Text effects before applying text frame fill color... After applying pinkish text frame fill color. All the text effects move to the background itself.