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  1. I must confirm what @Davidlower wrote regarding the added "ghost" pixels or gap when exporting. That's particularly frustrating but this is the result of AD not knowing what to do with additional fractions of a pixel when exporting, I guess. I can't imagine this being useful in any type of work, not only UI.
  2. I'll add myself to the list of people who (after months of use of AD) miss an export preview. I work for web and size is essential. AD has tools that address retina and different dimensions of export, but all of this happens in darkness. I don't know what I am exporting unless I go and inspect it and then return and modify and export and review.. The whole Idea of automated export falls flat on its face when it's done without having an idea what one is doing. And if I have to additionally run files through other tools... Ah, really, how is this helping? So, please guys, take this more serious.
  3. No, I was a bit annoyed at the thread going in a general educational direction (in itself not a bad thing but there should be different places for that) and perhaps didn't express myself clearly. I still think that this constrained resize -> non-pixel size values is something that could be dealt with because general resize snaps well to pixel values without any negative outcomes. But who knows.. For now, as tedious as it is, I'll have to go and correct sizes after a constrained resize.
  4. No no, you answered my question as far as the state of things is. This is not the solution but I understand that it's all you can tell me and do. Thanks.
  5. The following is an anti-aliased graphic of an orange circle. In pixel size. Unlike me, @MEB had the time to answer all other questions. But mine, alas. That's a different story.
  6. It's nice you have the time to discuss what browsers can and can't do. I came here to ask a simple, concrete question. I'm not sure what this whole tirade here is about.
  7. This happens to be a default with Fireworks which works with vectors as well, and since I've been using it for ages and find it superb, I am trying to at least cover the basics with AD. And the ability to rely on pixel values for graphics for the web is one such basic. I guess others might use it for other stuff and that's fine. I don't need to be convinced in one way of seeing things or another, or need an explanation for what vectors are (I've done graphics with Xara in 1998). I seek solutions to concrete problems. That's all.
  8. You might be right in some of those cases, but I had to export banners (not UI, I know) these days, and when scaling the bounding box with all that's inside, I have to come to a concrete pixel value by specification. P.S. And it's not even important what use there may be if I set the setting to pixel perfect and get anything but. Then the whole setting makes no sense.
  9. I see.. This was never an issue with Fireworks. Text scaled along. It's especially annoying for UI design, as you can imagine, and it makes it almost unusable if one want to be productive. So, yes, please bring this up to the dev team. It cripples AD for me.
  10. But you can round them! This will be the point and especially for UI design I can't imagine this to work any other way.
  11. I'm afraid it isn't. You can try to reproduce it. Regardless what the setting in Tools, whenever I try to scale by constraining aspect ratio, it still sclaes proportionally but occasionally it is to a non-whole pixel value. Maybe I'm too stupid to figure out how to avoid it, but that's what happens. I don't even need text inside. Try this: Force pixel alignment, snapping to pixel, all the bells. Then make a rectangle (not a square). So far so good - the size shows whole pixel values. Then, select it, keep Shift (if the setting in Tools is to non automatic, or otherwise without, if it scal
  12. Ha! Moooment. Now, just for keeping it easier for me (because of habit) I did switch off the automatic aspect ratio and need to keep Shift in order to scale with ratio and suddenly the problem is not there. Now, it appear like the default causes it but the special case (when one has to keep Shift pressed) doesn't. P.S. In fact, even if I don't keep Shift pressed and the aspect ratio, it still scales to round pixels.
  13. This is not the question I am having. I have no problem with aspect ratio - the problem is with unrounded pixel values when scaling an object together with text.
  14. I had a look whether this topic has been previously discussed, but found nothing to that precise issue, so here's my question. What I do: I make a rectangular shape, then add artistic text within the bound of that shape's size. Shape starts with a size to a round pixel. I select both (or group them, there's no difference) and when I scale down, the size gets non-rounded values. I have whole pixel alignment and snapping selected. If I delete the text, the box keeps that weird behaviour - something that doesn't happen if there was no text in the first place. I realise that the text mig
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