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  1. Hi to everyone. I shared this "problem" with microsoft in the feedback hub https://aka.ms/AAedvuf maybe you share my opinion too, comment it ... and hopefully MS will fix the problem. Erwin
  2. Hi, how can I activate preview of affinity files, when they are stored in onedrive AND synced locally. Same files "only" on my hardrive are shown with a preview in Win10. But when synced, the files are local too?? Thanks Erwin
  3. Just tried out to open Publisher as Admin ... and now I can open my document, no ressources missing. Why??? Erwin
  4. Wow it seems that this problem is an old one. I have this problem with the latest version of Affinity Publisher Opening a file with linked Affinty Photo Files crashes Publisher, when I rename the folder of the source files Publisher opens the file. Any news on this? Thank you Erwin
  5. Hi Chris, it happend to me this morning about 5 times, working with AP around 3 hours. But even, if I make a screenshot there is nothing to see ... everything looks fine, the elements are selected, but the elements can´t be resized or moved ... they are like loked. I use both, mouse (wired logitech) and tablet (Wacom intuos 5). And I use the latest updates of all Affinity Apps. The next time it happens, I will take a screenshot, like you mentioned. Thanks Erwin
  6. Hi, any idea how to solve this problem. When I draw something or add Text to my document it happens frequently, that the objects can´t be transformed anymore. I still can select them, but I can´t chance size or rotation. To fix this I have to close and start AP ... then it works fine, until this happens again. Please help. Thank you Erwin
  7. Hi, since it´s not (yet) possible, to place images in a page with an in a master page placed "Picture Frame Rectangle Tool", I am looking for a workaround, to do this. I found lots of spots here in the forum, where people ask for this feature, but I did not find a workaround for this, at least none I understood. Could please someone explain me, how this could be done. All I want: prepare my master-page with "Picture Frame Rectangle Tool" elements, give them borders, shadows, ... set how it should be filled with the image, ... place images in pages in the prepared "Picture Frame Rectangle Tool", so all placed images look the same way How would be the workflow for this like now? Is there an eta for this feature to be added? THANKS Erwin
  8. Drag and drop multiple pictures/jpg drops them in the document, ignoring available picture frame tool elements. If there are more jpgs to drop, publisher drops them at once in the page where the got dropped. Would be great, when publisher could recognice the files coming with drag and drop and makes it possible to add them one by one to different picture frame tool elements, even if they are on different pages. Thanks
  9. Just tried out with my old CS4 ID, you are wright. But as a suggestion this would be fine. Thanks
  10. So I would like to add this as a suggestion. Please add this function, thanks. For me this would make sense for "Picture Frame Tool" and for "Frame Text Tool", because I would like to setup a master page with empty Picture or text frames, give them the layout, shadow, ... in the master page and fill them with pictures and text in regular pages. This is very usefull for transcipts, where I have to put pictures and text on every page in the same way and same layout (which comes from the master page). It´s like ID CS4 handels this right now.
  11. Trying around I found out that there is an option "Paste Without Format". This brings my clipboard files to publisher, BUT all files in the clipboard get inserted at once. Would be great if the files in the clipboard could be applied to "Picture Frame Tool" elements one by one.
  12. Sorry. I ment jpg files. I am in Windows explorer, copy some jpg files in the clipboard, but Publisher does not recognice the jpg's copied to the clipboard. Thanks
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