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  1. Hi, since it´s not (yet) possible, to place images in a page with an in a master page placed "Picture Frame Rectangle Tool", I am looking for a workaround, to do this. I found lots of spots here in the forum, where people ask for this feature, but I did not find a workaround for this, at least none I understood. Could please someone explain me, how this could be done. All I want: prepare my master-page with "Picture Frame Rectangle Tool" elements, give them borders, shadows, ... set how it should be filled with the image, ... place images in pages in the prepared "Picture Frame Rectangle Tool", so all placed images look the same way How would be the workflow for this like now? Is there an eta for this feature to be added? THANKS Erwin
  2. Drag and drop multiple pictures/jpg drops them in the document, ignoring available picture frame tool elements. If there are more jpgs to drop, publisher drops them at once in the page where the got dropped. Would be great, when publisher could recognice the files coming with drag and drop and makes it possible to add them one by one to different picture frame tool elements, even if they are on different pages. Thanks
  3. Ok thanks. So one more vote for this from me.
  4. Just tried out with my old CS4 ID, you are wright. But as a suggestion this would be fine. Thanks
  5. So I would like to add this as a suggestion. Please add this function, thanks. For me this would make sense for "Picture Frame Tool" and for "Frame Text Tool", because I would like to setup a master page with empty Picture or text frames, give them the layout, shadow, ... in the master page and fill them with pictures and text in regular pages. This is very usefull for transcipts, where I have to put pictures and text on every page in the same way and same layout (which comes from the master page). It´s like ID CS4 handels this right now.
  6. Trying around I found out that there is an option "Paste Without Format". This brings my clipboard files to publisher, BUT all files in the clipboard get inserted at once. Would be great if the files in the clipboard could be applied to "Picture Frame Tool" elements one by one.
  7. Sorry. I ment jpg files. I am in Windows explorer, copy some jpg files in the clipboard, but Publisher does not recognice the jpg's copied to the clipboard. Thanks
  8. Hi, how does it work, to add a picture frame tool to a master page, so I can easily add pictures to my pages in the picture frame tool elements coming from the master page? When I add the picture now on the page (in the picture frame tool), the picture frame tool gets ignored and the picture is placed in full size. Thanks Erwin
  9. Hey, testing Publisher I copied images to the clipboard (Win 10) and tried to paste them to the Publisher document. But Publisher does not recognice the images in the clipboard. Would be great, if you could add this. Thanks Erwin
  10. Hi MEB, how can we understand this? I am really looking forward to replace LR with Affinity DAM. Thanks Erwin
  11. Hi Meb, thank´s for your answer. I have done a sample after your example, now I understand, that it´s working like it´s supposed to work. The only thing is, that in Affinity Designer/Photo the bleed is not show, there is only the document itself without bleed. I would like, that the bleed aera is also shown in Affinity Designer/Photo, like it is in Adobe Illustrator. Thank you Erwin
  12. Hi, I am new to affinity and I have a question about "include bleed" and the positions of "crop marks" when exporting to PDF. I think crop marks should be set on the bleed and not on the document borders, when "include bleed" is selected? At least that's what I expected ... or did I miss something? In Affinity Photo there is no possibility to add bleed to the document, in Affinity Designer there is this option, but both have this option in export persona? I am a little bit confused ... In the forum I have found some discussions about bleed, crop marks, ... but I think there is none about my question. Thank you Erwin

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