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  1. Hi Callum, That is what I can't figure out how best to do. I would like to separate the volumes, to minimize the risk, in case something crashes, and having to check less. So far, I only see the chance for a complete index, if all three volumes are in one file. Thank you very much, Roswitha
  2. My plans are, to publish a book in three volumes, but I would like to be able to index them together. (Eventually even add a separate and combined index to each volume.) As Affinity Publisher already crashes quite often and sometimes functions begin to act strangely, with the first book now being about 170 pages, I don't trust the system to put all three volumes in one file together for the indexing. In PagePlus, I would have arranged the content in separate chapters and so minimalising the risk of a crash. But I can't find any similar options for Affinity Publisher, to divide the content and still keep it in a group for a publication, though I can declare sections. But I don't think sections help here. As the total page number will be about 700 to 800 pages with lots of images (linked into the file), I don't trust one document file here to handle all three books in one. I also would like to indicate the page numbering in the index to show, which volume the page number comes from, like: I 23, II 15, III 68, etc. Though I don't really mind to run the numbers through all three volumens continuously, but would prefer the separated option. But at least the page numbering should be doable with page numbering settings over sections. But with the overall index, I am at a loss and already thought to export the index, when finished, export it to a new file (e.g. excel for sorting purposes), manually add all the volume-numbers and then copy it all back into the document files. Perhaps you have a better idea how to handle this. I would be very grateful for any kind of help!
  3. Thank you so much @WhiteX That explains why one artboard line is not as strongly visible as the rest. But I am not sure exactly how to avoid this issue, because I need a certain exact inch-size for my artboards to be accepted for print. So I form the artboards by entering the exact measurements I need for my final results. I had not been aware that entering an inch-measurement does not result in full pixel-artboards and causes such a strange issue. Thank you very much for your help and I agree with you, a fix for this is urgently needed!
  4. I have the updated version of Affinity Designer and the view mode is set to Clip to Canvas and still, I have nasty border-lines in the final jpf and pdf-exports, which I can't leave in the final print master-file. As I also need to export files with the embedded fonts for the printer, I can't edit the file in Affinity Photo, as then the edited artboards are flattended down to pixels. Is there any known help to this issue yet? I spent days on trying to find a workaround, but did not find anything yet. It would really be essential for me that this issue is solved in a timely manner, as otherwise Affinity Designer is not usable for me.
  5. Sorry for being silent for so long and thank you for your kind help. The AV-software (Norton Online Security) is the same on both computers. But because of a Windows-Update the computer crashed in January and after managing to get it back to work, crashed again after a new Windows update a few days ago. So now, I had to re-install all programs and now Affinity Photo and Designer both worked fine during the install. I just have freshly installed them on an almost blank computer, so I can't say much about how they work in general, but before, I did not get as far as that and in a first test, they both load up fine. I can't say which program or program-constellation caused the registration error, but now I am very happy, that both programs work fine. Thank you for your kind help! Best regards, Roswitha
  6. Thank you very much for your help and sorry for my late feedback. I did not immediately find your reply to my problem, though I thought I would get an alert for a response to the topic. Sorry. I tried out the Microsoft utility, but don't get results there. The tool does not find the Affinity programs, either with the install or the uninstall-option and I had no idea where to find the requested product-key for not listed items, which were a further option of the tool. So I did not get any result from applying this utility. Still, I tried to install the newer installer for version 1.6.2-2 instead of the earlier version 1.6.089 afterwards, but with the same result. And yes, I use the computer with admin permissions. Thank you very much for your help!
  7. The installation on my graphic-computer for both programs worked fine, but now that I want to install the software on my notebook I take with me on my frequent travels, the installation does not work and breaks off with the error messages in the enclosed images. As the text is in German, I am trying to translate the message as closely as possible: Both computers run with Windows 10 Home, 64 bit and have updated Windows-versions. (One anomaly with the installation on the two computers: I later set the language of the installed software on the graphic-computer (where the installation and software is running) to English after the installation, though my computer language on both computers is set to German and therefore that is the standard and sole language the installation offers.) Thank you very much for your help.

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