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    DEN reacted to anon1 in De-noise via Stacking query   
    I think this will help you
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    DEN got a reaction from anon1 in Adjust values with trackpad slide   
    Actually, that reminds me I would love if we could do that with text size in the text tool - hover over the number and click + drag. Selecting font size from the dropdown or typing it in just doesn't quite have the same feel to it.
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    DEN reacted to anon1 in Adjust values with trackpad slide   
    also pressing on the "opacity" label and dragging could alter the value as it already works in the brush settings.....
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    DEN got a reaction from anon1 in Adjust values with trackpad slide   
    Hi, I did a quick search of the forums so forgive me if this has already been asked! Just wondering is it currently/would it be possible to enable the adjusting of values via a trackpad slide?
    One wishes to change the opacity of a layer.
    Click the drop down arrow beside opacity and hover your cursor over the lever?(see attached pic). Then simply slide two fingers on your track pad. Sliding down could decrease the opacity percentage, sliding up could increase it.
    This could even be implemented to other sliders too such a HSL, Vibrance maybe even levels etc...  
    I first came across this behaviour using another program and I have to say when you get used to it, it can make adjustments quite intuitive.

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    DEN got a reaction from anon1 in D&B non destructively   
    +1 for non destructive dodge and burn please! The above suggestions all work well and there are many other variations e.g. painting on colour with brush, curve masks etc.. but for example if you could just select the burn tool and start burning immediately on a an adjustment layer automatically it would be more efficient, not to mention time saving!
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    DEN reacted to evtonic3 in Assortment Styles Vol. 1   
    Had a little fun trying out some new styles!

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    DEN got a reaction from anon1 in Life after 1.4?   
    You guys rock!  :) 
    I had hoped to be more involved on these forums than I have but haven't had the time unfortunately. I think I speak on behalf of most here when I say thanks for having (and continuing)  such an open and responsive dialogue with customers. It makes a big difference compared to those of which we cannot name... 1.4 is really great and the fact that you mentioned raw HDR makes me really excited as that is literally the only thing I felt was missing so far. So far my workflow has been Capture One -> Affinity which is a bit clunky as I have to save flattened to send back to C1. If I could move more over to Affinity it would be great. Also thanks for implementing the ''double click to open'' feature. It may seem small but every few seconds counts when your dealing with a large volume!
    Happy Holidays!

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