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  1. hello I'm new here, so I'm not sure this is the right place for this topic. I'm drawing a portrait in designer, and using pencil tool. I'm using a wacom tablet, and I noticed that if I stop drawing the line I couldn't edit it with the pencil tool. I'm using the pencil tool mostly when I draw with my tablet's pen, and I'm very used to edit the line with the pen in my hand like I'm still drawing it but, I couldn't find a way to do this. it just stops acting like a pencil. is there a way for this? another thing is, theres maybe some hundred lines. -imagine a beard drawing- those lines are very close to each other -by the way designer's performance is still great even those tons of anchor points- without any lines selected, I'm picking node tool or move tool, but I'm unable to select any of the lines. I have to do this from the layers panel, so it's not coming handy. one more thing; when I hover any line with node or move tool it's not showing any anchor points etc. like smart guides. I used affinity competitor app more than ten years throughout my whole career. I guess I discovered affinity two years ago if I'm not mistaken or a year ago. couple of days ago I decided to use affinity for all my professional work. I loved the app a lot, I believe in what you people are doing, and I want to support you on the long run. I'm working 6 days a week 24/7 if I'm not sleeping, and I'm planning to give you tons of feedbacks as I do my work on affinity. I hope that's ok. I hope I will not make any developers angry. I will just right my thoughts in here so maybe some of them helps you.
  2. I will keep this in mind thanks a lot. it's just a couple of days I started to use affinity apps. watched lots of tutorials, but still trying to adapt. thank you again.
  3. yes, thank you! I couldn't read the previous messages sorry for that. brush file has the affinity photo icon, and the all brush file extensions are same so that was a bit confusing. I downloaded some brushes, and couldn't remember which is for photo which is for designer. my bad.
  4. I imported the brushes, and it said successfully imported, but can't see them in brushes neither in photo or designer. anybody knows why?
  5. really loved this app. I'm planning to have all affinity suite retail, and quit adobe once and for all when the publisher released, but there has to be bleeds. I'm a book cover designer, right now it's too much waste of time trying to create a workspace which allows me to see my bleeds properly. designer should be able to do stuff like that easier than illustrator or like illustrator. general performance of the app is awsome, but I need this please make bleeds visible
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