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  1. I went with Quark 2018. I am still very interested in Affinity Publisher however.
  2. Bindle to Kindle: A Hope of EPUB. Look at this poor soul. A bindle full of stories to be told. He needs Affinity Publisher fast. To tell his tales at last.
  3. I think the “good” people at Abode are very happy with us believing we have no choice and that the future is subscription only for all software. I don’t believe that. I ditched Master Suite CS6 for Davinci Resolve, Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, Master PDF Editor Pro and Microsoft Publisher. Adobe are better in some cases but not all. Davinci is better than Premiere IMO but in other cases I can deal with a few “shortcomings” to break free from Shantanu Narayen and his “vision”. Adobe has bought some great software over the years to make a solid suite but they are not immune to falling from grace. Quark was number one for years but look what happened to them. Think about this: Quark Blackberry Finale Cut At one point they were all untouchable.
  4. Thanks Mithferion. So, these are: Printing Press Typesets Book Spines on a shelf 4 Column layout ??[I have too much free time]
  5. I love the logos. The aperture blades of Photo and the pen/pencil drawing the line of Designer... Some thought went into that. I wonder what they will use for Publisher. Off topic: Microsoft has Publisher so maybe another name may be in order.
  6. This means a lot. Also makes me feel that I made the right choice in my move from CS6.
  7. Mmmm, makes me want to spend my money with Affinity.
  8. Digital Publishing? Output to responsive html5 like QuarkExpress?
  9. Hello all, Long time lurker here: I create training material and I need to work with multiple images with highlights, call outs etc. Question: How can I bring in many photos [60 or more] at one time and have each photo inside its own art board? Right now I have to select each photo and insert an art board which is okay when working with only a few images but when working with 60 or 70+ images it becomes too time consuming. Also: I think I know the answer to this one but, Can I hyperlink text in one art board to another art board? Or is this too much to ask from Designer and something that will be included in Publisher? I love Photo and Designer and I hope you guys/girls keep up the great work! Thanks. Kevin.
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