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  1. Thanks walt.farrell, really appreciate that. Will keep an eye out for that in future.
  2. Hi there, I'm trying to use Affinity Photo to do a really simple operation: I need to select a small piece of a photo, copy it, and paste it onto a new layer to manipulate. My current process is as follows Paste the photo in from the iOS Photos app Select the layer the photo is on Go to Selection persona, select lasso tool, making sure that lasso tool is in 'Add to selection' mode so I can refine the selection a little Make my selection Return to Photo Persona Use the Pasteboard to 'Copy' The I use the Pasteboard to 'Paste' It pastes the entire picture, not the selection What should have been a 2 minute modification has turned into a multi hour odyssey. Please help. Thanks.
  3. Oh, I figured it out! You kind of have to wiggle your finger a bit to make it show. That works. Thanks!
  4. Hi there, I’m experiencing an issue where the brush tool used to allow me to tap & hold with my finger to bring up the colour picker. However, suddenly, it just started showing me this Undo/Delete/Cut/Copy/Paste context menu instead. This change in behaviour occurred within the same document, within the same painting session — all of a sudden. Is there some solution or tweak for this? This is a major deal for me, personally. Thanks! 95D1C54B-C415-45CD-83A3-16772F2AF671.MOV
  5. Hey Chris, Thanks for getting back so quickly. For me, it’s the Apple Pencil that never invokes the Colour Picker receptacle. Tapping and holding does it, but intermittently. Having disabled “on-screen modifier keys” makes it a little more reliable, but it’s still about 60% success. Awesome! Looking forward to that bring addressed. [Removing this point] You know what, this was an error on my part. I went ahead and enabled that, thank you! It’s helping so far! Really, improving the reliability of the existing press and hold colour picker would solve the problem for me. Right now it’s so intermittent I find it very difficult to use. What’s interesting is that sometimes touch-inputs are spontaneously allowed to affect the canvas, even with it disabled. I’ll leave down an unwanted brush stroke with my finger when trying to use the Colour Picker. Maybe the unreliability of the colour picker and the random touch inputs are related.
  6. +1 for this. I really like using Affinity Photo on iPad for painting, but the colour picker is absolute murder. Tap-and-hold colour selection works, then doesn’t, then does, then doesn’t. Please fix this The colour pick modifier being hidden two menus down in the context menu/floating panel thing and then also in the bottom middle of the screen omg. This is borderline unusable. The workflow is pick colour > resize brush > pick colour. It’s... difficult... as it is. I’d also like some clear indication of what colour is selected when menus are collapsed, like a small preview of the colour on the colour wheel button. Is there a way to stop touch inputs affecting the canvas? it’s a real issue, I keep leaving little marks around my drawings. I’d be really happy if these were addressed. I want to love this app, it’s super close to being amazing. Really, my ideal solution would just be a floating option key or a very reliable tap-and-hold colour selection tool.