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  1. Hi David thanks for you thoughts. For HDR I've tried also Photomatrix but SNS-HDR give always most natural compression. You can't simulate 3D light with 2D light. there are not for color only but for "bumpmap". Darknes is intended and made in post in C1 + NIK Best
  2. Thanks All Media Lab, for clue with different size of jpg. And time spended to check files. After many trials and errors (including over 1h save of stack of 40 pictures for export stacket files paritaly) I found brazenly straight solution. 4x 10xTIFF stack to HDR Without aligning. As camera almost not move at every shots it give good end product. As all 4 EXR had exact size they merge with aligment very nicely. So it was not EXIF inducted. still exif is unproper but hey I've got what I need. And back to bracketing. LED RGB lights (GRB Amber in my case) are not as easy to work with. monochromatic light source ultra easy blow RGGB subpixels of sensor. 10 exposure bracketing is also for noise reduction (K1 allow you to 5 auto bracketing so I just shit exposure compensation -2/3ev after first burst. It work very well. What limit me now is 14bit RAW. Still combining 40 ISO 100 RAW give you noise as low as ISO 100/40 = 2,5. So how it ended? Below 50% 50% export (size and quality) and 100% 100% crop.
  3. I need it as it could be only chance to stack to HDR and then Stack to "pile" with mean mode. Besides of that, final export should be final. We are living in digital world so if you export you don't have input data. If you have two steps your data mass is growing exponentially. for example 1.DNG from K1 is around 40MB exported 16 BIT TIFF around 206MB stacked HDR in EXR file around 400MB Final compressed TIFF (all HDR software are compressor Dynamic Range compressor so it fit in our media) around 200-220 MB. So I don't need to save 5x40MB TIFF as they can be made any time But I have to save DNG, for safety I should also save stacked file in EXR as getting to this point is most time consuming. having this file give me flexibility to easy make new compression in different style. So we landed with 5x40+400+200MB =800MB of data per picture :). You will ask why I save those data? it is simple. I'm learning from my mistakes. Software is changing, newer version are "better" but also differ. From time to time I need to get that old look. And I don't save. In beggining DNG, then I learned but then I skip EXR file etc. So I think having all in one merged container is best option
  4. Thanks John but know why I take 2x5 bracketing it is not an issue. IMHO Mean is best blending option but there are so many types that it depend of type Issue is that when I stack all 40 TIFF they were aligned perfectly. but when I do it in two step 4x10 per HDR then 4x1 EXR aligning is not working I've tried both type of aligning. is there any DEV who wrote that part of code?
  5. one more time, my question is why affinity have their own file format if it cannot be used in affinity. And it cannot be used for any of stacking so literally 3/4 of my work for this program. It is very annoying as long as Affinity destroy exif data completely so exporting stacked photos in any mode photos cannot be stack together. In my case first step HDR ->EXR or best affinity 32bit original files then few EXR or affinity files stacket to in uean mode. So question is why affinity cannot use it own file format? If it cannot and exported files are corrupted then proprietary format is totally useless. I've even tried to repair exif by exit tools but is give always error. So what will be nice if DEV's (as only them know how this program) is made a statement or explanation to clarifying this situation. I'm trying to get to point where i will not be forced to use workaround by using 3 different programs
  6. Yess you are right but I stuck. But lets back to main topic. I'm fighting with not-working alignment if files come from affinity. Affinity mess (destroy) with EXIF so TIFF from HDR stacking cannot be recognised properly by affinity and cannot be stack (EXR, TIFF, JPG all same problem). Maybe just Maybe if stacking affinity files will be possible it will work. But for now it is not working. Why we cannot use functions with affinity files is unclear for me.
  7. Yes I know but It will be ignored as my question about why Affinity cannot remember my settings for HDR stacking so I have to manually uncheck noise reduction, and slowtone mapping and check align So I'm waiting for answers from DEV! Help!
  8. Seriously? Yes! Why I have to convert files from affinity to tif to make HDR stack?
  9. Seriously, why? If you own software cannot use it for stacking? or merging?
  10. ...my settings! Every time, every time I use Stack to HDR I have to Manually uncheck noise and tonemap and check align. Why? it is sooo irritating. I don't want to use Slow Mapping persona!
  11. Thanks for all that analysis. In my case, I do RAW -TIFF conversion in Capture One, I'm using Affinity mostly for HDR blending as it have great artefacts removing module. I merge TIFF 16 bit Pro-Photo to EXR Pro-Photo. I've also stack photos (same imput) in u-mean mode- to bump Signal to noise ration from small sensors -> like drone sensors. In that case I stack photos then I change document color space to 32 bit then rasterise. What you wrote here is that I will loose some colors because of internal sRGB color space?
  12. Hi, JPG are only for showing "what is going on" photos :). Sorry if I'm writing not clear :). Step One is 10x TIFF (prophoto 16bit no compression (205MB per file). I use 10 to have better tonality and less noise. I don't have problem with stacking, only with aligning. to clarify: I have 40 TIFF 16bit ProPhoto color space. 1. Stacking them all together give me properly aligned photo 2. Stacking in groups in HDR to EXR file work flawlessly. 3. Stacking EXR or TIFF after 2. don't work I've tried to copy EXIF data from source using exiftool (it warning about bad exif) but it not help Best
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