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  1. Thank you. I missed that somehow. They have made it so simple.
  2. Is there someone who can point me to the directions to remove all the white background from line art or sketch to change it to transparency? I would be appreciative.
  3. jak

    Pencil Effect Macro

    Thank you RCR. This is great.
  4. Can anyone direct me o a source on how to turn a photo line art in either Photo or Designer with a result similar to Akvis Sketch?
  5. I have many photos in RGB and when I go to print them, with a pro printer, they come out with the wrong color, usually darker as their equipment is cmyk. . I cannot find a way to convert them to cmyk in Photo. I must be missing something. In Designer, you can go to Shift-control-p and get to a cmyk setting change and the change of color is obvious. Is there something similar in photo.? One needs to see the difference as one works on the photo. I found the preferences. I know you can set it to print ready in NEW, but when I bring in the RGB photo, it still says RGB on the upper ribbon (dashboard).
  6. Has anyone tried to use it as a plug in in affinity photo? We're you successful? We're you using the old or new version? I seem to have lost my old copy .I was thinking about getting the new one. I just wanted to check and see if it works. Thanks in sdvance.
  7. Open up a pictures file folder windows explorer. Click on view on the top. It opens another area. Click on the options area on the top right. Go to view. Under the files and folder area, uncheck always show icons and never thumbnails. Then click on ok. It should show the photos.
  8. I figured it out. The update somehow caused me to have to readd the folders that contained the plugins to the list. I do not know why they were not recognized in the first place, as the list of plugins was there, but readding the folders caused them to work again.
  9. That did not work. The allow unknown plugins was ticked. I tried unticking it and re ticking it, but that did not work. All are listed with the word unknown in yellow. Any other ideas?
  10. On the latest update to Affinity Photo, the plugins from Nik and Topaz are greyed out and no longer working. They worked fine before the update. How do I get them back working? Thanks in advance.
  11. I turned of the computer and then turned on and opened Photo and found that the plugins were now working. I have no clue as to why they did not work the first time. I did nothing else but turn the program and computer on and off. I did everything the same to start as I did the second time.
  12. I meant to say that the plugins were not working in the title.
  13. All of my Nik and Topaz plugins are listed, but they do not work. I am sure there is something I have done wrong, but I do not know what. They used to work, but now they do not, and I have done nothing that I know of that would have caused this. Any help would be appreciated. Please be as specific as you can.
  14. Are all LUTS that are in the .cube format compatible with Affinity photo? There are many free ones out there, and I would like to know which to choose. What about 3d LUTS?
  15. Where do I find the affinity preferences window? The only thing I see is the list of plugins that is under filters or under edit preferences. I am not sure what I am sending is what you want. The topaz filters were all there and working like a charm before Nik. Now they are not listed on the filter drop down. I cannot seem to get a snipping tool capture of that.

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