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  1. 22 minutes ago, R C-R said:

    Using your File X.afdesign file, I exported to pdf using 4 of the presets in the File > Export window with Area set to "Whole Document." The results are attached below. As you can see if you open them in Affinity Designer, in each of them embedded File Y appears as expected.

    I did not tick the 'Don't export layers hidden by Export persona' option, but I doubt that would make any difference.

    All for export.pdf
    All for web.pdf
    All X-1a 2003.pdf
    All X-4.pdf

    Mhhh, what OS, are you using?

    I tried again following your instructions but don't work yet :61_sob:

    Now i'm tried on iMac of my friend and it works, So this is a bug

  2. Hi guys, I need to help; i don't know if this is an Affinity Designer bug or is a my issue:

    I've a file (X) into there's an embedded file (Y), when i export the file (X) in the space where should be there the embedded icons (Y) there is nothing, do you know why? where am I wrong?

    Below the example, the icons (Indicated with red arrows) in the file (X) is an ambedded component (File Y), when i export the file (X), the export is without the icons :61_sob:.

    I hope that someone can help me, thanks! ❤ (Software: Affinity Designer Retail, OS: Windows)