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  1. Just a question: how can I use Pattern layers? I get a with and height parameters, but nowhere select image or anything. Tried place an image, rasterized, select an area, and used Layer -> New Pattern Layer From Selection, but this too much steps. I have many pattern, and I don't know how can I use its. Ok, I used Gradient tool, and there is Bitmap on Type list Fantastic addon like Live Liquify layer too! Great thanks!
  2. Hello, I have a problem with mask from selection: if have bleed, then mask no expanded to bleed area. Just test these steps: create a new project with bleed (ex. 5mm) change to Photo Persona place an image what run over bleed (be biggest) duplicate image select a part of top image with Flood select tool click on Refine select Output to Mask change layer mode on top Image and see bleed area! If select mask, then will see mask end at bleed. This big problem for press, because bleed is a cutting area. I can't change mask. I found a workaround: select area on image, but do no press Refine, just select Layer tab -> Mask Layer on top image. If use Refine, bleed will cutted from mask!!! These tools have problem with bleed too: Marquee Tools (all, select any area with bleed, and after selection cropped at bleed) Crop tool (by default not select bleed area) Please fix these in 1.9 if possible!
  3. I have Intel HD 4000 graphic card, but this version closed if running benchmark. Previous version can detected this GPU, and test runned without problem. Card name missing below OpenCL option. In previous version was there. Operating system: Windows 10 64-bit, 19042.610 Intel driver: latest ( DirectX: DirectX 11.1 OpenCL: OpenCL 1.2 You modified GPU requirements to higher level from previous version? ๐Ÿ™„ Under 820 version was worked... Log.txt
  4. @Joachim_L Yes, it's great trick, because barcode no use any ICC profile, and when open, Affinity will assign a profile, and after barcode copy will this profile move with this. I used place before, and program no assigned profile to barcode, and converted to other color. Great thanks for tricks, I will use your steps!
  5. @Dazmondo77 Thanks for great help, and I will believe for Affinity, and need plus steps if I use a barcode: open code (as embedded or not) assign to same color profile as cover after PDF export will check in Photo too. @Joachim_L Thanks, and I think JCP is convert CMYK value from RGB (as said Dazmondo), because under RGB working perfect. I make barcodes here, this online tool can make 0,0,0,100 CMYK barcode to EPS: https://www.free-barcode-generator.net/isbn/
  6. Thanks, I fixed, 0,0,0,100 is correct of course. I didn't check in Acrobat, but press can, and call me, this barcode not include K value only with 100. And tried open embedded file (then I get curves), assigned to ICC profile, close that, and after export checked picker... But Affinity picker give back different value as Just Color Picker... What is correct?
  7. Hi all, I have a problem with color profile, and need a tip for printing. I have a project with ISO Coated v2 ECI 300 or Coated_Fogra39L_VIGC_300 color profile and a CMYK barcode in EPS format. This is a book cover and for printing need barcode in 0,0,0,255 black, and without embed ICC profile. When I insert barcode to project, automatically converted lower black, but these profiles include full K support. If I open barcode with double click, and assign (not convert) to correct ICC profile, then I get correct values (with strokes?). I tested this value with Just Color Picker in CMYK pick, but I get different value: And after PDF export get a new value again: Here is my PDF export settings, and I tried "Convert image color spaces" option turned on or off, but no helped. How can I set PDF export for leave barcode in original 0,0,0,100 format? If open my PDF in Affinity Photo, then Affinity picker see 0,0,0,100 in barcode... Is this correct? (I haven't Adobe Acrobat Pro for checking.)
  8. I can't follow JixiPix version numbers and updates. Just under Premium Pack I see three different versions And I tested callback with Rip Studio, and working after update.
  9. I select a layer, and cannot alignment with toolbar buttons. Here is a screenshot, and steps: Steps: Click to anywhere out of canvas select any layer on canvas cannot click to alignment tools on toolbar Temporary solution: select a different layer (alignment tools will enable) and click on previous layer again.
  10. Great thanks for packages, and Studio Workspaces. I will use these features in future!
  11. MEB, ok, I will use your trick, and not duplicate layer from Refine window. Thanks. I didn't find this solution, and I believed this is a bug. Sorry.
  12. I found a bug in AP, just follow next steps: open a picture select an item with Selection Brush Tool click to Refine in window change Output to New layer with mask, click OK turn on Background, and turn off mask see the results: you get a border (?) around selected area on image. If selected New Layer with mask the duplicated image will not same as Background! Need delete second image, duplicate background, and move mask under this third layer. Please fix this! I attached my screenshot from this "border".
  13. I tested this bug in version. Not fixed. I'm sad, because need many plus step for workaround to printing or rasterize everything on export. Source: Result: And here is my settings:
  14. @John D I like PagePlus for ebook, but I have problem with epub export format: include xml files, not xhtml or html. Unfortunately, this will not fix in PagePlus, but great program yet for epub, and can export to Kindle too. I missing this feature from Publisher, but I hope we this will get in a future version. (Or how can I hack Page Plus for xhtml export format?)
  15. Hmmmmm... Not sure, because other 8bf Photoshop plugins is working. ๐Ÿง๐Ÿคจ I think plugin caller not 100% compatible. I use Akvis, Skylum, Topaz, Franzis, Filter Forge plugins without any problem.
  16. Hmmm... Would be great too, if Dodge/Burn tool can working like Inpaint/Patch tools: use current and below layers, not only on rasterized layer. I found a temporary solution for this trick: create a mask and select this layer under Channels tab right click on Mask Alpha, and select Create Greyscale Layer edit this new layer with Burn/Dodge tool, Paint Brush Tool, adjustments (or anything), and change layer mode to Darken or Lighten, you will see what modify on greyscale layer. right click Greyscale pixel layer, and select Rasterize to Mask. Not comfortable solution, but can use dodge and burn or other effects and adjustments too on this pixel layer for better masking.
  17. I wrote for JixiPix support too, because I don't know where is this bug.
  18. I have same problem as @chaleco45, after use a JixiPix plugin, I cannot use again, plugin will no open. Any tip for fix?
  19. Thanks for tip, and I will check this, because I use more master pages on one page, but margins same. On master 1 use text framne, and on second use page number without frame (this good for pages too what include graphics only).
  20. Great tip, thanks! Text frames will not locked for you? I cannot edit text in frame after use master pages for content. ๐Ÿ™„
  21. Hello, I wrapping a book, and use facing pages with different inner and outer margins. Need often add/insert plus (blank) page before or after a page without master page, but textboxes not align to margins of facing pages, like use absolute positions. How can I set relative positions for items align to margins , if goes to next pages? ๐Ÿ™„
  22. I have a problem with margins on master page, here is steps: 1. add a new Master page with facing (like this): 2. Right click on new Master page, and check Spread Properties. Go to Margins tab, and see numbers... Please fix this!
  23. @Basix Great tip, I tried this mockup in Photopea. Nice Photoshop alternative, and mockup replace near 100%, and I can use this mockup. But when I saved project as PSD, and open with Affinity Photo, smart objects was missing Opened saved PSD in Photoshop CS3, and this can see smart objects. I saved to a new PSD and opened this in Affinity. APh see layers as embedded, but results is horrible. Photopea will great for quick mockups, if haven't any photoeditor, or have special mockups, what cannot open is APh.
  24. Here is a plus info: I made an other cover. Just zoom and see lines over man too, what cut with selection tool and refine, and added outer shadow too. Here is sample from press, and I upload this project too for you. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ar9GB-v89284grdqGWcV6C8jkIlI8g?e=ymQulD
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