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  1. Interesting. I must be doing something wrong, because I created a Picture frame in Publisher, then pressed CTRL+V to insert the clipboard image, but it pasted it over a new layer, not inside the Picture Frame.
  2. This does not work under Windows. I have tried ALT and ALTGr by clicking on the arrow in front of the group, it does not open the groups, only the current one.
  3. @NNN the latter, unfortunately, is not always preferred by printers, only the "clean" end result, and if the paper is not white, there will be a white stripe, if I understand what you wrote correctly.
  4. I tried this, and perfect solution for me. Great thanks!
  5. I would like an option in the Field settings to not display on the page where the section starts. For example, for titles like this, where there is a large space above the Title, a Running header looks ugly. Since masterpages cannot be removed one by one from a page, such an option would make things easier in this case.
  6. In comparison, PagePlus has been able to convert to epub and mobile for four-five years. Probably there was an HTML engine running in the background, that's why Affinity can't integrate with Publisher. The joke is that they dropped ebook export just as it was getting more widespread. That's also publishing... And we'll have to wait a few more years, if ever.
  7. I hate online tools, because you never know if the file is actually deleted from the server or kept and you can't stop it from there. Once you put something on the internet...
  8. Back then, PagePlus X9 was almost perfect for exporting a book to either PDF or ebook with two clicks, and I got really flawless results. For the ebook export, it turned off the separators, maybe even put in fonts (I'm not sure). So I didn't need a separate program, I could use the same preformatted, broken book for either print or ebook. I would like to do the same now in Publisher.
  9. This is the solution, thank you! I hope they will fix the bleed bugs in the next version of Publisher...
  10. Yes, there is bleed specified (it's a book cover), but I haven't encountered this problem so far. I know that the bleed area is not editable by many tools, but this is now on the active part, not the bleed.
  11. The Transform panel values are not available for Patch Tool. No distortion when switching to Move Tool. Brushes have been reset. Any other ideas?
  12. I cannot use the patching tools like Patch Tool, Clone Brush Tool, Inpainting Brush Tool. Selection of the Patch Tool has moved. As if it is getting an offset parameter from somewhere. It doesn't stay where I want to use it. Here is a video of it: https://1drv.ms/v/s!Ar9GB-v89284g6p37yENdcp-QtEXtw I can't repair and expand the image because the tool jumps to a different place. If I can get a dropbox upload, I will post the project file.
  13. PagePlus produced EPUB without problems, but unfortunately Serif no longer sells it. Perhaps a solution might be to - making a copy of the project - turn off automatic hyphenation in styles - export to PDF - try converting with Calibre I haven't done this yet, but I also miss the EPUB/MOBI/AZW export.
  14. Thanks for the tip, I will try it on the non rasterized version. But why is there a layer left on the rasterized version? Where did it inherit the selection from if it's not supposed to be there? Your trick working on rasterized version too, great thanks!
  15. Hello @Dan C, I uploaded two projects: - original version - rasterized version The error is on the second page, look for the Pixel and HSL layer in the second group under AdobeStock_41677911-removebg.png!
  16. My project has gone crazy. I recolored an area, so I used a layer like this: - image -- mask -- HSL I saved the project in Publisher and it became a cover. Now I opened it in Publisher or in Photo and I can't create a new mask because it always selects the old, recolored area. I have rasterized the image, but the coloring and selection still appear. I simply can't do anything meaningful in the project because it always selects the small part that I can't delete, the opacity keeps going down but the object doesn't delete. Please help me to use the project again! Since the project contains copyrighted images, I can't post it publicly.
  17. I need this feature, good for books. The file name could be the "project name - section name", and where section name is empty, then "project name - section id".
  18. If there were interoperability between PagePlus and Publisher, I would complete the missing functionality in PagePlus. But neither the PagePlus project can be opened in Publisher, nor does it work backwards because of the different programming engines. So I am left waiting. I know it's a big job, but we've really been waiting at least 3 years.
  19. Affinity Publisher's predecessor, PagePlus, was already capable of producing EPUB and MOBI formats, and at near-perfect quality from a single text feed. I understand that the engine has been rewritten and that the Data Merge option was needed, but PagePlus is no longer available and I cannot recommend it to my fellow writers and publication editors. I too am in dire need of an ebook generator, and I was looking forward to this feature along with the endnotes and footnotes functions. So, for the time being, Publisher is good for breaking a printed book at best. Ok, an ebook is a web page at its core, so I understand that Publisher would then be able to export to the web, but could ebook export be lifted from PagePlus?
  20. I'm a book editor. After several years, I opened PagePlus, which already did epub/mobi export. Couldn't that code be brought under Publisher? I miss this feature.
  21. Need this function without new image, with three options: Crop to image, Crop active layer and Crop image to active layer. This would be nice.
  22. Ok, this bug not fixed in 1.10 versions. I'm a book cover creator, and have problem with bleed area with mask again. I cannot use mask on bleed and have Brightness/contrast problem. Need open a new topic for fix, or when will get a fix for bleed? Look at girl's leg and hair. And I cannot select or masking the bleed area.
  23. Is it a joke? I selected hairs, and under Refine selected New layer with mask. Here is result. Joke. Look at hair, bleed... Here is without original image. Nonsense, no ready for print. And here is original:
  24. I found a solution! Here is my steps with images: Add a white fill layer Right click on this layer -> Rasterize and trim On Effects tab click Inner shadow and set border size what you want. Use cog for border intensity, plus can use offset tool, angle, and much great option for perfect border! When border is ready, right click on this layer, and select Rasterize to mask. That's all, and have transparented border! If you need art-like border, just follow these steps: Create white fill layer on top Select a brushes with black color and painting a border. You will see background under black areas. When ready, select Rasterize to Mask, and fix mask with brush if need.
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