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    Transparency as in AP desktop

    Thank you Alfred, For sharing the knowledge.
  2. In AP desktop I’m told you can have defaults of transparency before starting a project and the same with AD. First is this correct ? OS iPad AD and AP does not have this simple features ? As I see vivid white each time. rob
  3. Rob Chisholm

    Close or delete

    Hello Tony, Yes it is a right pain re inventing the wheel. Most if not all programs you close, example final cut pro and the project closed not deleted. You have to drag to bin or delete the file in finder, but to close and lose everything. I suggest asking the Sherif in town to change close to delete. Maybe just me and everyone just fine with close is delete, delete not closed. I made this video to try and explain my understanding of close and save in AP for OS (currently IOS) Regards Rob
  4. If you close a door it is not deleted. if I closed a project in AD, is it deleted forever? how can I bring back a closed project or is it deleted now ? Regards Rob
  5. Rob Chisholm

    Clone the crows

    Ok thank you for the feed back Chris, fingers it is for now Regards Rob
  6. Rob Chisholm

    Clone the crows

    Clone in iOS iPad Pro pen or finger, hair cross not applied when presses on the screen. until 4 to 7 th attempt. once you get this applied cross operates from the left, if you press above x their but clone jumps to the left. rob 455A0BA0-82B5-444A-A5D3-CE4980AA0012.MP4
  7. Rob Chisholm

    Clone the crows

    Hello Chris, thank you for the reply. Question "You are only supposed to be able to pick the target area with your finger" why only finger ? As the tablet built for drawing etc and the pen part of this set up. Works in Procreate how come not AP ? And is this the same for AD ? " disabling Aligned on the context toolbar" I try this and see what occurs. I am guessing I be able to put the x anywhere above or to the right etc. Regards Rob
  8. Rob Chisholm

    Used all my favourite apps came up with this

    Thank you for your comments Gary, the contents were entirely made with IPP and seeing how far you could push the hardware and software while in iOS using a tablet. only other hardware was a green screen while I filmed with the IPP. rob
  9. What can you make with these apps Animation pro, LumaFusion, Stop Motion, Affinity Design, Affinity Photo ? https://youtu.be/2CL8Q9UB6uM C9B24405-361F-4456-9E74-295235B53DE5.MP4
  10. I wish to choose a background colour and have this in layers please. Regards Rob
  11. Rob Chisholm

    Background colour

    Um well. 3541DF1D-4327-428D-A231-3213BEA6E4BB.MP4
  12. Is their a default like in most other programs to remove the background in AD and AP?
  13. Rob Chisholm

    Remove background methods

    posted here if you wish to add Sara,
  14. Rob Chisholm

    Remove background methods

    Cool, thank you Sara, that is the way I have been making my background colour same as you. I suggest an idea in their what we like lists Nice chatting with you. Regards Rob
  15. Rob Chisholm

    Remove background methods

    Thank you Sara, also do you or anyone else know how to change the colour on the background? white too bright for drawing, if anything in painting I put a wash down first and then draw/ paint on top with real paints. Apps Procreate, change background to suit, easy procedure held in layers. where is the method in AD and AP please Regards Rob
  16. Rob Chisholm

    Remove background methods

    Thank you Sara, take an image grab and post if you would please, no burgers here just sandwiches:)
  17. Rob Chisholm


    Cheers Gab, Sorry one month one I can of moved on. If I remember I make one for you and post. Regards Rob
  18. Rob Chisholm


    Affinity you asked if it happened again to share video, here’s the video. ps in LumaFusion you can activate touches, this puts a blue dot where your finger is or pen is. in this video this would help as you would see the delays I am experiencing. rob ps video 176 megs upload here 1.1 meg on a good day, so it not happen takes too long. video would have shown lag in zoom rotate , eraser tool all being 1 second behind the eraser with apple pen is bad, erase away with lag not helpful. rob
  19. Rob Chisholm

    under the pier, quadrophenia

    Hi Sharkey, sure why do you request to see the original please ?
  20. Brighton palace pier rob chisholm
  21. I know this has been asked before. i do find it frustrating, mainly all apps have the ability to share with but not AP in iOS can we have this functionality like the others in the screen shot please.
  22. Hello Ulysses, I have done as you suggested and posted in the link you kindly provided. Hopefully my words will not sound annoying to anyone. As text is interrupted by people in different ways. I am sitting here smiling, wondering how these member will interpet these ideas I have put forwards. Some for sure will take it personally like a religion how dare you critique my beliefs. I am self employed my mind thinks give me solutions to problems. I listed a few ideas and work arounds, I add more once a few have engaged. Thank you for your time and efforts here Ulysses, been interesting chatting with you. Hopefully real named AP developers will respond on the post were see. Regards Rob
  23. I do find it frustrating, mainly all apps have the ability to share with, but not AP in iOS can we have this functionality like the others in the screen shot please. So why have you left it out Affinity and beyond ? As it is beyond me, I very much find this simple feature that is missing a lack of functionality. Why would you leave out such a basic area for the purchases ?
  24. One area you the users maybe asking yourself could be this. If and when OS13 arrives knocking at your door. Have you decided upon which portable external drive your going to plug in to your tablet ? If the answer yes your need to have some sort of file structure that you can view to move all those files about. Maybe access those old drives hanging around the ones with images. The last area you wish to run into is a blank screen like this which is what currently WD app does, blame this on IOS if you like. Take a moment see images above other app developers are ahead of the game here. I keep my files and here is the view. wd your the worst AP you could be so much better. Regards Rob
  25. Here are some answers to people that will probably post well I can do it this way etc. Here are my replies in advance to these people who probably only think from their point of view how not everyone in the world works like this. Here is the current system people will suggest. Here is where I keep my files and here is the view. users to AP will blame this upon iOS candy land ? here is my answer give solution to answers not reasons why not. app called file browser can see Raf files on an external drive. With WD that app does not allow this, they probably blame it on apple candy land. Heres a app program called Lumafusion notice that you can see files off the iPad you see thumb nails before you bring them into the iPad. So Affinity and it is beyond me why an app working with images does not support a preview for external drives, like file browser or lumafusion does.

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