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  1. Hello, This instagramer https://www.instagram.com/ibdansch/ (ibdansch) has a stlye that I like a lot. But I simpley can´t achieve it. Also I have to say that I am a beginner. Could you maybe tell me a tutorial, the name of the style or some tipps & tricks to achieve this? Best Regards Magic Mike, The real one
  2. Hi, I think the white slider in Lightroom is very usefull. But as an amateur I have no idea how I could reduce the white in Affinity Photo without touching the color balance. Any ideas? Thanks!
  3. Hello, I‘m not a designer and I think thats my issue. I made this Flyer in Black and White and did the mistake to do it first in RGB. It looked as I wanted, but I noticed that I still need to convert it into CMYK. After I did it simply doesnt have that deep black I wanted. It looks faded and too bright no matter what I try. Tried different color codes but none works. It works as jpeg export in cmyk but not as pdf. What am I missing? how can I get the same results as in RGB? Thanks!
  4. Both units in pixels. But DPI settings are different. Is this the reason?
  5. Hello, when I copy a text from one into another in Designer, it changes size. For example from 12 pt to 25 pt. Thats the first issue. Second problem: Sometimes even the ratio of a size seems to change. Size 12 is smaller in one document than in the other one. I dont understand why? Please helpt me. Its impossible to work like this because i need the exact same size in every scene.
  6. This happened after copy and paste from a website. Seems to be an unsolved issue.
  7. Hi, I made by coincidence a background for my text but I dont know how. Could you tell me please? Thanks a lot!
  8. I have solved it. A font was missing for some reason even though I had installed it.
  9. Hello, I don´t understand why I can´t export this as pdf. I need that flyer for tomorrow. Please help me out. Flyer_Walking_Cocktail.afdesign
  10. Hi, so I´m having quite a trouble with this file. I´ve made a lion Logo and everytime I put a gradient on it or I put layers (color edits) on it, it screws up export. Whether it´s that the paths are transformed into images, or it doesnt export with the changes or in case of a gradient it only exports parts of the object. any Idea why? In this example Designer only exports the head. Original Löwe.afdesign test.eps
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