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  1. MagicMike912

    AD Background for Text but how?

    This happened after copy and paste from a website. Seems to be an unsolved issue.
  2. Hi, I made by coincidence a background for my text but I dont know how. Could you tell me please? Thanks a lot!
  3. I have solved it. A font was missing for some reason even though I had installed it.
  4. Hello, I don´t understand why I can´t export this as pdf. I need that flyer for tomorrow. Please help me out. Flyer_Walking_Cocktail.afdesign
  5. Ahhh ok cool I will try it later. Thank you!
  6. What do you mean with giving the group a stroke? just draw a stroke?
  7. Thanks everybody! Haha ok I see it´s something uncommon.
  8. Hi, so I´m having quite a trouble with this file. I´ve made a lion Logo and everytime I put a gradient on it or I put layers (color edits) on it, it screws up export. Whether it´s that the paths are transformed into images, or it doesnt export with the changes or in case of a gradient it only exports parts of the object. any Idea why? In this example Designer only exports the head. Original Löwe.afdesign test.eps
  9. The same problem with another file though. Only the head is exported.
  10. Thank you a lot! I wil try to work with another file and see if it works.
  11. It works with another files. But it worked fine in the past with this one. I´m done for now.
  12. Now after exporting with a gradient I´m getting only the head exported. THis is driving me crazy Logo Klassisch Orange - exported with gradient.eps
  13. Thanks for your time! So I get your point. But I want to save it with a color gradient in further work. Is that possible as .eps or .pdf without losing paths?
  14. I feel like it has something to do with export settings. Now I am able to export it as eps with curves as I will attach o this answer. The problem is: it changes back to the original color. Changes ain´t saved. Logo Klassisch Orange2.eps