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  1. daniele_orlando

    Symbols being unlinked without reason

    I experience same problem with version 1.6.1 of AD. Symbols get disconnected randomly.
  2. daniele_orlando

    Search and Select Layers

    I'm of the same advice.
  3. daniele_orlando

    Symbols convert to groups when copied

    I use AD 1.6.1 and I experience the opposite bug but only on some artboards. CMD+J duplicates the symbol while Copy/Paste expands the Symbol in a Group.
  4. daniele_orlando

    Symbol links break on copy

    2 years passed and in AD 1.6.1 this bug is still there. It still can't Copy/Paste a Symbol on some artboards.
  5. I can reproduce the bug in AD 1.6.1. For me it happens with text with a Global Color placed inside a Symbol.
  6. daniele_orlando

    Issue with Global colors used in Symbols

    Same here, I can reproduce the bug in version 1.6.1.
  7. I can still reproduce the bug in version 1.6.1. It is really ANNOYING!
  8. I have the same bug when working with Artboards.
  9. daniele_orlando

    Continuous export not working

    Same here.
  10. daniele_orlando

    Affinity Designer constraints-group-clipping bug

    Thank you very much, even for the explanation.
  11. daniele_orlando

    Affinity Designer constraints-group-clipping bug

    Hi dear Sean. Thanks for your reply. Attached there is the file of the example. ⌘ + ⇧ + g: ungroups a Constraints Group making items visible ⌘ + g: should create a Group, instead it creates a Constrains Group displacing and clipping the items. The issue is due to the Rectangle Shape. Removing it the text is grouped as a regular Group. Arch.afdesign
  12. Product: Affinity Designer Version: 1.6.0 Platform: MacOS High Sierra Constraints Group are clipped and displaced from their content. Completely unusable.
  13. Hi dear Affinity support team, I purchased both Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer for my creative workflow. As MacOS user and owner of two different Mac machines, I use the Affinity suite on all of them. It would be a real plus to have the settings (shortcuts, brushes, preferences, panels layout, etc) of both Affinity applications automatically synchronized between my MacOS machines (through iCloud or Dropbox/GoogleDrive). I hope to have helped you with my feedback.

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