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  1. Hi, I realize the thread is old, but I just found it! Here is my addition... note I am a hobbyist when it comes to printing (as in I don't print frequently). I use affinity and DPP for photo editing and printing. Couple of printers, with the "real" photo printer being the PRO-100. To make use of the Print studio Pro plugin I will export from Affinity as a tif that DPP will open (I have to uncheck "Save Affinity Layers", check "Don't export layers hidden by Export persona", uncheck "Embed ICC profile", and uncheck "Embed Metadata") and then print with the studio pro plugin. This is the type of "work flow" I would not want to do 5 times a day.
  2. Thanks Team! Love this great response to my question.... Am now going to check out "Selections and Masking" ....
  3. Thanks for the continued thoughts ... here is what I have found thus far... this appears to be related to converting the selection to a layer prior to the denoise operation. If I do the sky selection, apply denoise to the selection, do deselect, there is no "trail" left on the image. If I do the sky selection, copy the selection as a layer (ctrl-c/ctrl-v), apply denoise to the layer, do deselect, the "trail" is left on the image. I am not done with this yet, but obviously a simple solution would be to not create the "denoise layer", which is not ideal if you want to treat the sky as a separate adjustment layer. On ward ... The examples of the image above are zoomed to 200%, so at that point there is no hi-res, sharpness, noiseless to be had. The edge around the tree line is one small element of the image and to be honest not that important when view at normal size. Even the denoise of the sky is not a must, but a refinement. Here is a snap of the full image:
  4. Thanks for the responses ... Below image shows the various layers and the "trail" I see when all selected. I too think this has something to do with feathering of the edge ... but so far nothing I have attempted has worked. Did not delete the sky layer and start over, just tried modifying the selection settings via select->feather, select-refine edges, select->smooth, but these don't seem to "take". For example I select the sky layer, select->feather, set 5px, hit apply, go back into select-feather and the px is back to 0. I am probably trying to modify the selection properties in a way that can't be done after the selection has been created? As I said, I am new to Affinity . I will take a shot as deleting the sky layer and recreating it with feathering ...
  5. Hello; I am new to Affinity Photo and have a question related to selections. I made a selection of the sky in order to "denoise" only that part of the image. Everything works well (see image A) until I deselect the sky after the denoise operation, then I still see a dim edge of the selection left behind (see image B). This may have something to do with edge feathering or blending when making the selection, but I can't seem to find the secret. I know there are a few choices to edit out the selection trail left behind, but is that unnecessary if I do this selection edit in another manner? Thanks!
  6. Hi all; I am new (trial mode) to Affinity and quite frankly know "less than nothing" about it at this point. I just wanted to chime in on this topic because I had hit the same problem. I had the perfect image for flood select, a landscape with washed out sky, but I could not get the tool to select anything other than the entire image. Turns out my problem was with the layer I was working at the time. I only had 2 layers, the original image (background) and an adjustment layer (brightness/contrast) and when the focus was on the adjustment layer the tool would only select the whole image, as soon as I switched focus to the background layer everything worked as expected. This is probably how it should work?
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