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  1. I see that the latest beta provided support for a couple of Tamron lenses, but my RAW photos taken with the Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8 G2 are still blank when imported into Photo I will hopefully see a fix for that issue soon, as I've been taking lots of shots with the Nikon Z6/Tamron combo.
  2. Should I report it as a bug, or will Serif pick it up from our posts?
  3. Interesting......yes, they load in
  4. I purchased a Nikon Z6 last week and have been trying to edit some of the shots in Affinity Unfortunately all of the raw files show up as being blank, whereas the JPGs load properly. Is this newbie incompetence? Am I missing a setting somewhere? The NEFs load properly in Capture One..... My PC has 16GB RAM, a fast Intel processor, lots of HD space and I'm running Windows 10 Pro
  5. The batch export to JPG results in overly dark photos
  6. I downloaded the new Beta ( and it seems to have fixed the issue in Version I guess one or more of the settings in the older version were overwritten by installing the newer one. I guess this one will go in to purgatory for the time being as I have no way of reproducing the issue. Thanks for the suggestions! Paul, a REAL newbie
  7. I am suddenly unable to use any of the options in Adjustments tab. I tried resetting everything by holding Control key and reloading Photo but still cannot use any of the options. The product is useless to me without this functionality. Help! (Windows 7 64-bit Home Edition, single monitor)
  8. I am also having this problem. None of the tabs in the Adjustments tab are working. Help! I reset everything after holding Control key and reloading Photo but still cannot use any of the options under the Adjustments tab. I am using Affinity Photo with Windows 7 64-bit Home Edition, single monitor
  9. If there any harm in deleting the program's languages sub-folders that I do not use?
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