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  1. Just a note re the download page on the store. It says the download should be 285.31MB but the current size is 335MB - which makes you wonder if the download is valid and safe or has been hacked rather than that the size might have been entered manually on the web page and not updated.
  2. Delighted that while adding a custom keyboard shortcut via preferences, you get an immediate warning triangle of any conflict and that your key combo shows up in the toolbar immediately. However the Help programme does not pick that up so it would be good to have a method of printing out the current list of shortcuts. That is a strategy that could help a lot of software.
  3. Emulite

    Text flow messes up font size

    View the tutorial video on Text Styles. If you use these techniques, the flow text will use the same font, colour, size and spacing. I think the styles are specific to the project and get loaded with it.
  4. If you have a wheel mouse, put the mouse over the place you want to zoom to, hold Ctrl and use the wheel to go in and out. It targets the zoom focus
  5. Emulite

    First impressions

    You might have used a shortcut by accident. It is easy to correct. Have a look at the video on columns https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/tutorials/publisher/desktop/video/286542009/ .
  6. Emulite

    First impressions

    I was thinking about including a number of pdf's in the middle of another document rather than just opening one, where you might have multiple contributors to your publication submitting via pdf. I did a comparison of documents where I imported a pdf and then layer copied to give different numbers of pages for each. The file size did not increase too much as a result. Also liked the fact you have the option to edit the pdf document with its elements all split into layers.
  7. Emulite

    First impressions

    This is fast and so in keeping with the rest of the family. The layers are fine in my view because layers group together in the same way that they do in Designer and Photo and once the vecor and photo personas are added to Publisher, the logic will be consistent. The tables feature is good with stroke and fill handling the cell boundaries. We may have had to wait but great to see such product consistency and the blend of complex capabilities with a good UI. The pass-on of settings from last action is excellent. I tried importing a multi-page pdf but the only way I could get its content onto separate pages within the Pubisher document was to copy the layer from the first page, create a new page, paste the layer into that one and then select the pdf page from the embedded document dialog. Could there be an option to place into as many new pages as would be required?
  8. The printing company I want to use says they use Euroscale as a color profile for CMYK documents. I can see that export profile is available in Affinity Photo but it is not in the dropdown for Affinity Designer (both were version 1.5 when I bought them a couple of weeks back for my Windows 10 desktop). I have upgraded to 1.6 for each but the problem persists. Both programmes have an icc folder under resources but I cannot find Euroscale under either (I was hoping to maybe copy it from Photo to Designer). I wonder if it has been replaced by another profile with a different name. If so what is it. As a side issue is there a place on the website with version release notes as that would be a great place to look.
  9. I am in England and planning to use Mixam I will use that FOGRA39 and let them change it if they need to. I wonder if you were installing on top of an older version that it might be a residual from an earlier one.
  10. Good idea and thanks for taking the time and trouble but I have a different listing, which makes me think the Coated FOGRA39(ISO 12647-2;2004) may have replaced it. Just wish there were release notes to confirm this
  11. Thanks but Euroscale simply does not appear in the Designer CMYK document options. Any ideas why not and how to fix?