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  1. Llamallamaduck

    Text flow messes up font size

    Hey Chris, I've attached the file as well as a screen recording showing me messing around with the text frames. I wasn't able to reproduce the problem with a new document either so maybe it was just something I clicked and don't remember. Publisher.mp4 publisher-test.afpub
  2. I'm very impressed with Publisher Beta! I didn't have much time to test yet but I think I've encountered one problem. I created a new text frame by clicking on the little text flow triangle of my first frame. When I wrote text into the first frame it changed size when it flowed into the other frame. So for instance I had 10pt in the first frame and 12pt in the second. So I changed the font size in the second frame to 10pt and it looked the same as in the first frame but when I deleted some text in the first frame the text from the second came back even smaller than 10pt.