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  1. Markoesja

    Revert to 1.6 version

    Yes, I would also like to know if it's possible to go back to 1.6. For me, the Shadows/Highlights feature, which is very bad in 1.7, is the main reason. I used it regularly in 1.6 and was very happy with that version. Now it takes much more work to achieve the same effect with other tools. Besides, I also found the old crop tool and the old clarity tool much better. To me, 1.7 is everything but an improvement.
  2. Markoesja

    Affinity Photo - Crop Pen Gradient Path not visible

    Yesterday I installed Affinity Photo on a laptop and have a similar problem since then. The tools path in gradient disappears. The screen also freezes a second when you turn a layer on or off. It concerns a laptop with i5 Broadwell processor, 12GB RAM. I also run AP on an older PC with i5 Haswell and 8GB RAM without any issues.
  3. Unfortunately, this isn't the case when I do it... The sharpening effect is lost every time I hit the Develop button. I tried and tried, it just doesn't keep it. It's strange and very frustrating, since RAW files very often need sharpening. Am I the only one having this issue? Could it be it has something to do with the type of RAW file I develop (.ORF, the Olympus format)? I actually completely re-installed Affinity, which made no difference. I'm nearing the point that I'm starting to regret buying Affinity, to be honest. Developing RAW files was the main reason to purchase Affinity.
  4. No. Didn't uncheck of reset anything. It happens with every file. Everything is saved when I click Develop, just not the Details Refinements... I'm puzzled.
  5. When I open a RAW file in Develop (Affinity Photo) one of the first things I adjust are the Detail Refinements, the sharpening tool. When I then click Develop at the top left, all my adjustments are saved except for the Details Refinements... Any changes made to e.g. exposure or color are developed, just not the sharpening. I'm new to Affinity so maybe I'm doing something wrong, but it seems odd anyway. Any suggestions?

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