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  1. Jamiejk


    I hope there can be some improvements to file management. I would like more flexibility with creating folders (top level included) or working with my synology as a more integrated solution.
  2. I think this is one big area of improvement all around that needs work. From better integration in iOS 11 (file browser) to using a NAS to sync directly with. For istance if I want to work and edit files located on my NAS. Weather it stores a temp copy locally when editing but keeps everything on the NAS. Or be able to fetch and re upload when done. Obviously network speeds are important here. Most of my files I work with are on my synology. I don’t see just one solution here. I do think this will help a lot of users though. I just think file management needs more work.
  3. This is a must feature. Also integration needs to be improved with NAS devices. I would like to be able to work directly from my NAS or my iPad. Using iCloud with files this big can be pointless for many. The file browser in iOS 11 works great but affinity phot need to be adjusted to use it correctly.