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  1. I'm trying to understand how to make my own brushes and have them do what I want them to do. So I took a brush settings that behaves the way I want mine to work-the DAUB smooth chalk brush and copied them. When I set my brush with these same settings, they don't paint the same. The Daub one has a buildup feature setting where the more you stay in one place adding more brush strokes, the brushes start to cover the ones underneath (buildup), but the one that I'm trying these same settings on, paints the same "pattern" onto each other therefore no buildup. Can someone explain what the differences are and why I can't do this on the second brush?
  2. Having Live Filters in my document is making my document come to a screeching halt when trying to do anything. Has this been already looked into? Is there some kind of way to get around not having live filters? Although I like the idea of have nondestructive filters but not if I can't work on the doc.
  3. Thanks for trying, just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I know about the greyscale layer technique but it takes too many steps.
  4. Im glad that there has been lots of work in the channels I was thinking we could finally get to edit the channels as is mentioned in the notes, but I'm not sure I can add a levels adjustment to a spare channel yet as in the video attached. Someone please let me know if we can now do what the video shows with Photo's new channel functionality. Thanks It would be nice to see and edit a newly added channel in the channels selection of the levels adjustment as in this image:
  5. I love your enthusiasm. But could you share what you mean? I'm at a standstill trying to get it to do anything other than the obvious, which mainly is increasing the stroke width.
  6. This tool should be improved indeed. I mean if you can't get a blur brush right? Sometimes you need the simplest tool to be efficient. Not add layers to create this effect.
  7. When I group layers and add a mask to it, I get a harsh edge and not a smooth one with a color cast in it. When I remove the mask and place it over the same objects the mask is clean with no color contamination. Is this a bug?
  8. What the H is PDF pass through? Lol not serious, seriously.
  9. The mitre setting on the stroke is not working when set to sharp corners and I set to a value higher than 4. Please have a look at it. Not having this issue on 1.8.4.
  10. Can't get the FX to show in some instances. In this example there should be an inner shadow showing, although the fill is set to zero, I should still be able to see the effects being applied. AP 1.8.4 works fine when I do this.
  11. Thank you for allowing editing the alpha layer!!! better masks are now possible!
  12. Not getting it to do anything with all the options and then running my macro. Which is a simple macro to crop and resize a doc.
  13. Okay. I guess these options are to be selected before the macro is started? Just guessing without a computer in front of me. Thanks.
  14. I noticed this on the bottom of the Library panel. I believe it's supposed to work with cropping. But I can't make it do anything or engage it. Can someone let me know anything?
  15. This is a really good way to snap objects. Hope to have this in AD one day. https://player.vimeo.com/video/322860084?fbclid=IwAR3hOpjcWtb2SuoAQzG49cOELxWfQ5vYT-18jkR9Rc4DDo21-cRhF448NC0
  16. I figured this was a snapping issue as from time to time I see that snapping causes this.
  17. On my mac, when I use the move tool to move a group of pixel objects, it always spikes the cpu usage to 100% for a couple of seconds and temporarily freezes the app and of course shows the spinning beach ball. After that it returns to normal and I am free to move work again. What could be causing this? My machine has 48G of RAM so not sure what it could be.
  18. Anyone know where this feature is used? The preview of the stroke shows to be a custom jagged stroke profile that I may have created in custom profiles, looks familiar.
  19. Anyone have a good way to create a Matte Look on a photo?
  20. Can there be a sharpness slider added to Perlin Noise? There's a lot of PS tutorial for effects that use this filter (Clouds filter) but AP's version is too blurry.
  21. Is the filter Perlin noise a repeated image or is it random?
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