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  1. When I drag and drop several assets into Designer at once by highlighting them first, I get multiple copies of each item. This also happens with brushes.
  2. The options for a bottom line don't make sense to me. The most common widths are text or column. This has x-height, ascender, descender, etc, of which I've never heard of. Is this a bug? The right or left rules DO have this setting to make something column but doesn't really do anything when I turn those on and select the column option for those. This is all a big mess IMO.
  3. Where are the settings for settings a line below(or above) a line of text? Usually used to format headings or sections in a document.
  4. So the fill tool is key in this process. @Return how did you learn about this bitmap fill-tap on the image in the stock panel to display inside the selected object? I think this is great but is it documented?
  5. I missed a very important detail that I mistakenly forgot. I meant to drag and drop from the stock panel.
  6. Could you make it to that one can search for a pattern, or texture from the assets panel in to an object by simply dragging and dropping into a selected object? I feel that there should be a way to do this without all the steps involved.
  7. Just wanted to put this under this huge umbrella and leave it right here. I still won't leave Affinity ever at this point. But this does make me want to scream (nicely) at the devs and ask why we aren't on this path? or are we? luv you! LOL
  8. I just tried to scale with the handles and it works that way. I was using the input field and drop-down to choose another size, that's where it wasn't working for me.
  9. I've noticed that applying any effects to live text is good until you change the font size. All the effects sizes stay the same even though I clicked the Scale Effects button in the places I could find, it still will not scale the effects added. SURELY, I'm doing something wrong.
  10. Improving on what is in place can only get you so far, sooner or later you will have to adapt to the world and the "smartness" of it and add it into your existence. Look at Blackberry, Kodak, Nokia, Myspace, Yahoo, the list goes on...
  11. Here is my video demonstrating this. Gradient on Stroke Bug.mov
  12. I have an object that has a gradient on the stroke and then made a style. When you apply the style to a new object, the stroke is always floating out in nowhere land when it should be placed on the object. This is why I can't create layer styles with strokes with gradients.
  13. And the opposite is a company like Pixelmator (Pixelmator Pro in particular) where they absolutely will drop big features like video layers as they develop and surprise everyone.
  14. Can you make it where a copy of vertical cells data from Excel spreadsheet pastes into Publisher table cells? It works like this in inDesign from Excel. Now it will only place the next line in the same cell like a return making the cell bigger to fit the copied data.
  15. I think it's desperately needed. I can't imagine going through a document with many tables and have to highlight cells then change the color. It looks like it should work in that the object style picker has attributes to turn on and off. But I know it was design for objects outside of a table.
  16. Trying to quickly recolor cells in publisher with the style picker but it doesn't apply the color I choose with the style picker.
  17. How do I paste only visible cells from Excel into Publisher? There are hidden columns in the excel doc but I don't want to paste that info. Publisher will make a column for those hidden columns in the excel doc.
  18. Here is a short video of what I mean. I just think that being able to move a layer effect up and down the panel would be very beneficial. But the way the UI is set up the Move up and down arrows are constant and don't do anything unless you have multiple of the same. I mocked up an idea of how to resolve this. Take a look at the photo. Layer FX Moving .mov
  19. There is a youtube video where the creator said that the only way to have any transparency/opacity on a bitmap fill in the appearance panel, is to make bring in a texture with opacity already applied.
  20. Affinity software will begin to show how far behind it is getting this year. Apple's new vision pro AR headset is just an example of the world we are headed towards and will Affinity still be around?
  21. Use ALT on the keyboard while lasso-ing the points. Must have object selected to do this.
  22. Another crash log Designer iPad.diskwrites_resource-2023-05-28-011128.ips
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