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  1. Long press, layer hamburger menu and clipboard menu. Things are all over the place. I until recently you didn’t even know about the long press menu.
  2. Would like to see duplicate layer in the layers panel menu burger , where merge visible is. I think it makes more sense here.
  3. Also how do I prevent a single finger tap to not be confused with a eye dropper selection for color.
  4. Why is this process so inconsistent ? It’s very hard to use letterbuilder brush in Designer.
  5. Can you please let one be able to create slices beyond visible canvas and make the screen scroll down (or any direction), to allow to finish creating slice. On a laptop this is essential.
  6. You should buy out Graphic by Picta and use their resources to add into Designer. There’s still lots of relevant features in that archaic app. Can’t believe how old it is yet still very modern somehow. You can make your own plugins, vector pattern fills, awesome distance markup capabilities and other stuff I can’t think of right now.
  7. I actually found that setting and it was turned on. It’s connected to an older Apple cinema lcd display.
  8. Why don’t the left and right studios show on Designer or Photo for iPad when iPad is connected to external monitor?
  9. The arrows at the top let you scroll through the adjustments. Some do not show anything other than the name, Lens filter included I found out, this is where I was was confused. The pop out filter list is the same. Some show adjustment options others don’t. A case of IFYKYK.
  10. The only way it works is with the word adjustment at the top.
  11. I only want to invert an image. You know the x-ray look- why doesn't anything happen on iPad when I select the adjustment?
  12. Confirming it is any brush set. I get crashes across the board
  13. This time I got a crash with scrolling in the brushes.Very disappointing.
  14. That really didn't help. I was using retrosupply and true grit texture brushes.
  15. Seem to see this all the time now. Was just drawing but it will always crash. FullSizeRender.MOV
  16. Can these be added for supporting ipad apps? When used with a keyboard case or connected keyboard Shift select layers (multiple layers), Swap fill and stroke (X), Zooming with key strokes CMD+ CMD-, Merge Visible
  17. I can’t find a way to delete pixels inside a selection (marching ants) on ipad with keyboard. How do I do it?
  18. Let me rephrase that. I have an indesign doc that has some Adobe stock files linked. I believe they reside in the Adobe CC library because i se them in the panel along with other files I’ve downloaded over time. I exported to idml. I open this file in publisher. Those files don’t get linked.
  19. Is there an issue with opening correctly an IDML file in Publisher that has links in Adobe Libraries CC? Not a big problem as I do have a way to relink and have Publisher access the file by placing a copy of it locally.
  20. I don't think there's an official Affinity video that showcases this. Which would be a deal maker for lots of people that don't know this about the software.
  21. So I was checking out the promo vid and was kinda taken aback by this part of the video (screenshot attached). Does AD have the capability to bend artwork over edges?
  22. I opened a psd with Designer, and I get this popup. It still opens the doc but I want to find where these properties are in the doc so I can turn them off in the native psd file. Any ideas?
  23. How do I keep brushes size but apply different brushes? In iPad.
  24. Please make the brush cursor not disappear when we choose to have stabilizer turned on. It's the blind leading the blind-Its guesswork.
  25. I have a ton of assets and brushes installed on Designer. I was wondering if a fresh install of Designer performs significantly better than a bloated version. I would be willing to clear out my add-ons if I knew it would be faster. Have the devs ever loaded down Designer and compared it to a light new Designer?
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