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  1. I cloned out the windfarm.
  2. @Smee Again Here how it looks like now. I didn't try the gradient tool for the HSL adjustment yet.
  3. Ok... I tried redoing the entire project. Not sure what else I can do. This time, I removed the windmills, the houses, the birds and a log. Removed the haze. Added a clarity live filter. I increased the exposure for the mountain using a graduated tool (from the botom of the mountain to the sky). Added white balance. Lens correction filter. Added vibrance layer. Added luminosity/Contraste layer. I tried ading a HSL layer with no success (I couldn't increase the color of the sky without affecting the rest of the photo). There is still noise in the photo and I can't remove it.
  4. Ok, I have to admit the composition is not the best. But I still want to keep this photo and edit it. It's not the best sky for that spot during that week. The best one appeared while I was fishing so I couldn't go there to photograph it. The sky had more clouds, was darker with deep reds in them (for sunset). This photo was taken in the morning. The first photo is the original. For the second one, I created a copy to remove the haze and added some local saturation. Added a curve layer, a lens profile layer (it made the image warmer), a HSL layer (+15% redand +20% yellow), vibrance layer (+13% vibrance and +9% saturation), luminosity/contrast layer (+3% luminosity and +7% contrast) and a vignette live filter. For some reason, noise started showing up. Any idea what I did wrong?
  5. Ended up with this version.
  6. Hi everyone. I haven't been very active photographically wise but I'll try to change that. I went in the woods a few days ago and I wanted to try my new Tamron 70-200mm G2 lens. So I found this small toad (I love landscape and wildlife photography) and tried to photograph it (I used my 70-200mm Tamron lens). It's not the best photo of a toad but I'm still satified with it. Let me know what you think because I still like getting advices from better photographers. Here's what I did on this photo. I played with the basic settings in the develop persona (exposure, noise reduction, clarity, etc). Because some elements were in focus and disturbing the eye away from the toad, I used a dept of field blur tool and I made sure to put the center of the tool on the eye of the toad. I changed the exposure of the background with the help of a gradiant tool. Added signature.
  7. Thx you made me realize that. I think this is the best I can do about this photo. I did two seperate noise reduction here. One more extreme for the background and one less extreme for the squirrel only. So yeah no problems here but let me know what you think. Click on the photo for a better view.
  8. For some reason, the software doesn't seem to export the High-pass layer I added (at least for the squirrel) and there's still some noise in the photo (I reduced the noise with a mask). In Photo the photo looks good (less noise) but not in the jpeg version. Any idea why?
  9. The slant is natural. The bigger mushroom (the one in black and brown) grew that way and the smaller ones grew on after.
  10. So many different views suggested. Stuff I wouldn't think of doing. Thx all.
  11. What do you guys think about this one? I found this under a small tree in a forest near where I live.
  12. I am not offended at all. I take advices to learn. Since I'm not very artistic, I will often ask for advices to help me learn. I added your crop suggestion and I also added another suggestion from someone else on the Affinity Photo facebook page. Let me know what you think. I see what you mean by sharpness but I think it's the forum doing that because the photo is sharp on my end (I can see the difference here and on my computer). You have to click on the photo to see it properly. Edit: Someone suggested me I use a gradient tool to progressively darken the photo.
  13. Ok I managed to upload the photos finally. I couldn't before due to the size of the photos. I didn't find any info on the accepted photo size on the forum.
  14. Hi everyone. It's been a long time since I last posted on the forums. I took this photo in the afternoon (not the best time to do it I know) while I was on a fishing trip so my time to take photos was limited. I saw those two big mushrooms in the forest and I liked them so I took a photo of them. Since they were under trees, it was darker then on the open gravel road near the mushrooms but it was a cloudy day. I made a few adjustments to the photo (which I'll describe below) but I'm not sure if I could do more or if I did to much. I need help. I decreased the brightness and exposure (a little). I slightly increased the contrast and removed a green leaf near the first mushroom. Went into Photo persona. Selected both mushrooms and slightly increased their brightness. I created a pixelized layer and darkened the ground (15%) and slightly increased the brightness (5%) on a small portion of the moss in the lower right corner since it's originally brighter. Added signature. The top photo is the original one plus my signature.
  15. Ok this is what I did so far. I started by taking a better picture of him in a more lighted area. I added a shadow below him and added gaussian blur to it. I added a white balance filter to make his color more orangish (hope I typed it correct). At this point I'm not sure if I should add 0.1px of gaussian blur to the entire character to make him blend a little bit more. So far I like the result but I would like your opinions too. Thank you.
  16. I've been subscribed to Affinity YouTube channel since I bought the software. I subscribed to Affinity Revolution channel this morning.
  17. I'm a total beginner at modifying photos and even taking them (I'm better at taking than modifying lol) so all those advices are a bit over my capabilities so I'll check them out and ask more questions. Thank you for the advices.
  18. Yesterday I had to idea of playing with one of my photo I did in fall 2017. I had the idea of mixing a fictionnal character with a real life photo. In the process I learned something new which is always a good thing. I learned to cut and copy my character from a picture and paste it on my photo. Now I have no idea what to do to make the character blend in the photo. Here's what I did so far. What should I do next?
  19. When I logged on this morning, I wanted to quickly check posts before posting my question in the proper section BUT you had to give this amazing suggestion for this YouTube channel. I started watching some videos and now my attention has shifted towards getting a new font for my signature macro. It's all your fault (just kidding of course). If you have other great suggestions like Affinity Revolution channel, please let us know.
  20. I used this method to create a macro for my signature but in the video, the software is in french. Here's the link in case you still want to check it out. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B462hB3jN1idd3RVVTVsSnJ2dTQ/view
  21. Hi, sorry for the late response. It was not my intention to advertise here. I guess I'll go delete my photobucket account now. Thanks for the suggestion but for some reason I didn't see any difference. I noticed I have another photo but this time the blur was on the bottom of the photo and a little bit on top of the tree trunk. I redid the selective sharpening (which is mostly what you suggested with slight difference) on the photo and tried to make it look better. It's not perfect but I think it's slightly better than the previous one.
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