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  1. Geez, thank you for answering so fast! It's not a dealbreaker, so I'll think I'll wait for 1.9.2. Thanks again, and keep up the good work! 👍
  2. Getting window from Affinity in all my apps (Publisher, Designer, Photo) that I should register them. I have them purchased through Windows Store. After attempt to open sign-in screen, I get error message (in the attachement).
  3. I had BSOD because of cldflt.sys file. Unfortunately, I cannot disable OneDrive, since I have all my stuff there, and I use at least two computers at all times, so it syncs automatically. Can you contact Microsoft and try to resolve the situation?
  4. Does Windows Store version of Affinity Designer go with "Bonus - Grade UI Kit" or to get the kit one has to purchase Designer through your website?
  5. Does Affinity Designer have a similar function to Adobe Illustrator "Edit selected paths" for Pencil tool? It allows to correct drawn paths/strokes while drawing by "re-drawing" segments of them (I think Astute Graphics have a plug-in which does similar thing as well, again for Illustrator): it is very useful for hand drawing in Illustrator. I've tested Affinity Designer trial version on my PC (Windows 10) and it seems to perform better than Illustrator. However, I was unable to find a function similar to "Edit selected paths." Thank you in advance for help.
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