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    melodymetall got a reaction from anthoknee in Software like Adobe XD   
    Hey guys,
    Are you thinking about developing a software like Adobe XD? I know Affinity designer is awesome on making UIs but, I mean a software capable of making links and create some mockup to show functionalities like animations, links, transitions, etc.. 
    I hope you consider it in the future!! ^^
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    melodymetall reacted to Mithferion in Software like Adobe XD   
    There are inner plans, as expressed by Matt Priestley (Affinity Designer Lead Developer), to launch prototyping capabilities in Designer, but my personal guess is that it will be for the 2.x cycle when we see that.
    Best regards!
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    melodymetall reacted to bythewiseman in Workbook eBook - Surely?   
    On the point about "dead trees", you will find a lot of printers/paper producers these days plant more trees than they use. In some ironic twist, books are better for the environment as the energy of digital books is "gone". A book doesn't use more resources to read it. Also the device you need to read a digital book uses resources, the servers used to store the digital books use resources, and so on.

    I still prefer digital books as I can carry 100s of them around on a single device... and I can power my devices with a solar panel (which I do when travelling!)

    So yes. I send a digital book, or something I can log into.
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    melodymetall got a reaction from bythewiseman in Workbook eBook - Surely?   
    The best solution for this problem, I guess, is to make some platform with the whole content of the book that will be updated so on, and everybody that pay for receive a login and password to have access. It's simple and effective. If somebody do piracy, it is easy to know who did it. 
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