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    Software like Adobe XD

    Thank you very much Mithferion!! It is good to know...
  2. Hey guys, Are you thinking about developing a software like Adobe XD? I know Affinity designer is awesome on making UIs but, I mean a software capable of making links and create some mockup to show functionalities like animations, links, transitions, etc.. I hope you consider it in the future!! ^^
  3. Hey guys, whats up? So, I've wondered if is it possible for you guys to create some portal with the digital workbook so we can access from any place in the world. As an ebook can be easily leaked up, I've got an idea to make some private digital content so buyers could access with their login and password... Think about this. I'm a brazilian guy who wanted a lot to learn about AFDesigner and AFPhoto. But, I'd never buy this phisical book because I'd had to pay a lot of money shipping this. Besides, this is a little expensive to me. So, if we'd have some online access paying a little less, I guess it could be nice for people who lives in other countries. And it would be more safe from piracy Please, think about it.
  4. The best solution for this problem, I guess, is to make some platform with the whole content of the book that will be updated so on, and everybody that pay for receive a login and password to have access. It's simple and effective. If somebody do piracy, it is easy to know who did it.