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    Hi, I'm Hilary Hartigan, AKA sunset. I always said that when I retired I would buy a new (electric) piano. Yesterday hubby asked me which would I prefer, a piano or a Mac. Let's just say that the Mac will arrive in the next few days :) And, after working my way through Windows 3.1 to Windows 8.1.  I am going to be a complete novice with the Mac.
    I'm a total fan of things Serif but I really need something new as 'I'm all scrapped out' (a CraftArtist expression) and I don't want to get left behind on a Windows-Shelf. This looks different and exciting and fresh. By trade I'm a part time lecturer (computing out in the community), a self employed publisher and designer (but looking to change tack), a family history researcher and recorder (nearly finished) and a lover of logic and order. I have a head overflowing with ideas  :D and tons of ambitions  :D . I hope that I can make a useful contribution  :)
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    Hi I'm Sean Riley,  I have been a long time user of most Serif Products more notably Drawplus and PhotoPlus and I have in the past been a tester for these products, but let my testing badge lapse due to family issues.  I have been using all Serif programs for the last 4-5 years on a MacBookPro via Parallels emulator and I was sent a message today pushing me forward to your beta test link for the new Mac Program that is Affinity. Gotta be a good development in the Serif make up.   I notice my old mate Matt is heading the testing - Great to see your name again bud.
    I'm 53 in a couple of weeks and out of work at the moment awaiting a knee replacement perhaps later this year/start of next…fingers crossed then I can get back on a building site as an Electrician.  Hence the signing up to this little soiree.
     Good luck people!
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