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  1. Mithderion: This is exactly what i've done, now been happily using Designer, Photo and soon Publisher for a year or so. Kept the Adobe photographers account to get Lightroom as there's still no sight of a DAM in Affinity Photo. Works fine but a workflow step that needs to be sorted. Cheers jk
  2. Cheers MEB, It would be a massive addition, I've used many programs to create HDRs but have to say the algorithms in Affinity Photo are so clean, the images have a unique crystal clear feel to them. Obviously, you'll only get that result from quality base images. These particular files are for a commercial vehicle client. Thanks, I'll keep updating and hopefully see it added soon. Regards john
  3. Hi MEB, I've been searching for a way to record an action for creating an HDR from multiple files. The only way I can see to start the macro is to open a blank base file at the same pixel dimensions as the required size 4823 x 3210. Once the files are selected through File/New HDR Merge the macro panel disappears, stopping the action being recorded. I have a batch of about 160 files i'd like to create HDRs from and don't fancy doing manually 160 times. Obviously, this would be done through the Batch Job menu, but how do I create the initial Macro? Regards john
  4. Thank you Affinity for launching this BETA, the interface looks brilliant, very visible, crisp and clear on my Late 2009, i7 iMac, so not Retina. The suite UI is great, obviously not every feature is up yet but the ability to open Indesign and Quark files would be a bonus for many of us desk monkeys, I'm sure it's been addressed and is the pot for later. At present I'm not able to get the text wrap function working, again I expect that's down to being in BETA.
  5. That's a very good option Paristo. I'm in the middle ground, I shoot automotive events for the media industry and can quite easily shoot 3-4k frames over a weekend. I need to be able to cull and process images quickly, I don't use it but the browsing engine of Photo Mechanics and the algorithms used by Phase One would be a perfect match in a standalone app that you plugin to Affinity.
  6. The title says it all. We need a DAM and processing options far more advanced than currently offered. I'm a working photographer, I'm loving Affinity Photos capabilities but I hate the RAW processing and the lack of a DAM. I've had to concede and have gone back to Lightroom and Bridge as Affinity Photo just dosen't allow me to work as I need to. All my editing is done in Affinity photo but not RAW processing or sorting files. Please Serif sort it out for us working guys.
  7. Now AP is being used properly in the industry, is this "add option" coming soon? it's a pain in the arse having to select it everytime.
  8. I've actually had to go back to Lightroom for processing RAWs as I don't have the time to find a workaround for batch processing in Affinity. I was using On1 Photo RAW but the results I was getting and with no fancy effects use where questioned by a client. I can't afford any questions about my work, so I've gone back to LR but NOT Photoshop. Affinity Photo is my go-to software and I will never go back to PS. Please sort out a DAM for us professional users. jk
  9. Is there a chance that Serif will release an update soon that less us working shooters process our RAW's like we've always done in the past. I really love the way Photo works but don't like the RAW processing side of it at all, I process in On1 which will do until Serif sort Photo. We need to be able to process RAW's more efficiently. For instance if I shoot an event i'll easily shoot 3000+ images. To process these like I've always done with THE other market leader is impossible with Affinity Photo. Serif would attract a lot more professional photographers across if they just added this facility. Regards John
  10. Hi MEB, The need for a DAM is essential to many of us, especially professional users. To be blunt this should have been the building block of a professional photo editor. Many of us are coming across from Lightroom and Photoshop, Affinity Photo could clear up if it was a Hybrid of the two. The use of Affinity Photo, for me, is much more intuitive than PS. The DAM side of Lightroom is sorely missed but doable with yet more software which isn't what we need, a central Affinity hub would be superb for our workflows.
  11. Hi MEB, I fully understand the use of PDF's but customers who only dip into the files very occasionally just don't get what PDF's are, maybe out to eps would be a better option as everything should be editable. Ideally, I'd want them to pay me to edit but if it's adding a line of text, changing a colour etc it's far easier for them to sort it. I may have to educate them.....again. Thanks anyway.
  12. Really liking what i'm seeing coming out of Serif. Affinity Designer interests me a lot but the sticking point in me switching for me is the inability to export AI files back out as AI files. Many customers of mine need the ability to work on edited AI files. Many will want to do the basics but hand it back to me if they need extensive alts. Obviously, Serif's creation of AD is to attract Ai users away from Adobe and give everyone an alternative, good on'em too. But the addition of "Export" or "Save as AI" could be added in a future update your user numbers would increase beyond belief. jk
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