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  1. Really need X-rite integration as well. Would really love to get AP installed at a large broadcaster . . . . cheers Angus
  2. Thanks for the info, btw great location!!! cheers angus
  3. Hi, Just wondering if raw support for the Panasonic S1 is on the way? cheers angus
  4. I would be very interested if affinity was making an app for managing large amounts of photos and also something to manage iCloud photo library. Something that could sync to iCloud and pull all the photos down so that when they are deleted from your device you still have a copy locally. Also the ability to manage metadata do face recognition etc on a large scale across multiple photos maybe something like photo mechanic???? cheers angus
  5. Just wondering if there have been any thoughts to make a photo catalogue app. Something that can log, sort, remove duplicates, add metadata and move. large quantities of images around. Maybe with face detections etc???? Something that that is quite light on the ground that can act made as a companion app to Photo?? cheer angus
  6. We have been using FCPX for UK broadcast work for years now. Very stable and very fast.
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