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  1. Hello there, I had a quick try and it to me the the previously broken LUT Export is fixed in release 1.7 - can someone confirm this (or am I victim of a placebo effect)? Best wishes Jurgen
  2. sigh... thanks. I am not aware of the bug log, will look for it
  3. Hello there, here on the forum it was confirmed that LUT export was broken in Affinity Photo 1.6.6 - before I attempt the frustrating exercise to try it out has it been fixed for release 1.6.7? Thank you very much, Jurgen
  4. Thank you very much - I will do en-disable settings as you say and look at the results. Thanks again for your time and effort!
  5. Thank you for your explanations, it makes sense. However how does this explain the appearance of noise when adjusting the luminosity? Explanations put aside, the display and handling of a raw file by Affinity Photo is _objectively_ erratic, as I said, I exposed at -0.7 stops. The reading in Affinity Photo and the resulting necessary corrections are based on a photo underexposed by (I estimate) 5-6 stops.
  6. Hi Gabe, sure, this is raw file directly from my camera's SD card, a large file of course. I hope this helps! Best wishes. A7_04530.ARW
  7. Oops it took me more than 2 minutes to write so I didn't see yours :-) Now the Affinity guys have 2 reasons to take this seriously. Did you post histogram shots as well? They need to see...
  8. Hello, I noticed with the previous release of Affinity photo an extremely low level of luminosity values in raw files and I reported it here - as for Release 1.6.7 it was announced that raw processing had been reviewed I was hoping that the situation had improved but it hasn't. Attached are 2 screenshots, one from Affinity photo and a second from another raw processing application. The exposure reading of the camera for this photo was -0.7, I purposely underexposed slightly. As you can see all automatic application of s-curves etc was switched off in both applications. The other
  9. Thanks for the explanation. When I change the RAW engine to the other one (Apple raw) there is indeed a significant difference - still I'm not entirely happy, even with Apple raw i'm well over one stop too low. I set my Sony camera to compressed raw, you may have heard of an issue in the Sony A7RII where Sony's raw compression creates artefacts. For this industrial project I didn't care to much so I did not use the uncompressed raw format because the file size is 4 times larger or so. Could this have an additional influence?
  10. Hi there, I had my first professional project that I wanted to edit etc with Affinity Photo. I exposed in my camera Sony A7RII all photos with an average of -.03 to -.07 with a close look on highlights (zebra display). - To my big dismay ALL shots appear massively underexposed in Affinity photo, the large majority of the images required a 2 stops exposure gain, the white balance was _totally_ off. So after spending a frustrating long evening on it. After seeing the impossible results this morning I quickly returned to the photo application that I used before, DxO Optics Pro. And th
  11. Now isn't that a complete list... Thanks a lot! I was fixed on the video tutorials.
  12. In the tutorial "Macros: Equations" there is mention of different noise algorithms available in the equations - I would be glad if these (and everything else possible with equations) could be subject to a tutorial or online paper sometime. :-)
  13. Hello there, in the tutorials equations are mentioned a few times, like in the Macros videos. But there is no general overview of the functions that I am aware of - for instance, relative to noise the video mentions that there are 4 different noise generators but I didn't find specific explanations as to possibilities using equations. Is there anything? I'd be glad to go through it...
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