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  1. Yeah, only to users who are entitled to
  2. Thanks, Alfred. Ah, I thought, my purchases are kept track of and reflected in Myaccount keeping a record of what I'm entitled to.
  3. Thanks for the response, Patrick. In my opinion, it can't be a firewall issue since as I mentioned AD is now added to the exceptions so even if it would have been the problem before, Windows would surely let it pass by now, I restarted my PC as well. How about placing a bonus content download link to MyAccount as well so anyone can reach it after logging in on AD's website? You know, here: https://affinity.store/en-gb/account/downloads/
  4. Hi guys, I'm really excited about Affinity Designer, you're doing a great job! Just installed 1.6 update and I was happy to see the Frankentoon brushes in the bonus content which I've already been planning to get. However, I have the same issue as @dutchshader had above. Got a static welcome screen, with no scrolling images at all (it's been static for at least 30 mins already). My Windows is connected to the internet and I even added Affinity Designer purposely to the firewall exceptions to let it go through in any case, restarted AD, still, there's no difference.