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  1. Please add support for the Macbeth / color checker passport card. It is an industry standard and essential.
  2. slinberg


    Brilliant! That's perfect. Thanks again.
  3. slinberg


    Super. Buying it now. Thanks
  4. slinberg


    Thanks MEB. Stupid question, just since I don't have the app yet and I'm not familiar with it: is the Adjustments Studio part of the app? Or something different? - Steve
  5. slinberg


    Does AP have a Posterize function like the Photoshop filter / smart layer of the same name? This is the one feature I'm missing on my iPad. I need to take grayscale images and posterize them down to 3 or 4 flat levels of gray. If it can't posterize, is there some other way to accomplish this?

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