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  1. bfrankdesigns

    Crop Marks Wont Show

    I guess that helps. You'd still have to resize the document to get more than one up on a page and you wouldn't be able to do more than one file. It would be great if they would allow crop marks for an inserted document that is set up with crop marks.
  2. I have exported a small document with crop marks. I am placing this document on a letter so I can set up for print and get 4 up. Only problem is the crop marks are not importing with the PDF. I am using Publisher. Coin Collection Small 11-2-19.pdf
  3. bfrankdesigns

    Document Presets

    The ability to create new presets within AD and AP would be incredibly useful as well.
  4. bfrankdesigns

    Pixelated PDF

    Hey, how do you refry it? I did originally make it in indesign. I tried a couple of different ways, but couldn't get it to export with the crop marks from affinity designer.
  5. bfrankdesigns

    Pixelated PDF

    I am placing the PDF into affinity designer on a letter sized page. The PDF is at actual size on the page and is showing (and printing) pixelated. When I open the PDF with a PDF viewer it shows unpixelated even at a zoom.
  6. Hello, First of all, I love the program and all the great work you're putting into it. I personally use a few very uncommon page sizes frequently. I would like to see a way to save a template on the start up or an option under Page Preset.
  7. Hello, I have a PDF and when I import it into Affinity it is pixelated. It looks normal when I open it with Adobe viewer. I tried looking for import options that I may have missed, but I can't find seem to find anything. Reviewing forms it may be that I am using, I am also unable to update. Thanks for reading, Brooke Cone Sticker purple.pdf

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